Metro 2033 is a post appocalypse novel created by Dmitry Glukhovsky

metro2033(game) is developed by 4Agames and published by THQ

Although this game literally scared the crap out if me and made me jump out of my seat metro 2033 made me feel like I was back playing old ps1 resident evil 2.this survival 1player action FPS that has mini sandbox areas throughout the story.The story is about 6 or 7 chapters long but has many different levels through out the take on the role of Artyom who is a survivor of the appocalypse in Moscow,Russia born into the Artyom you try to seek help for your home by traveling on the surface wich is unbreathable making you where a gas mask when on the surface and in certain parts of the story. You also face many mutant enemies including people such as "bandits" and "nazi reds". As you progress through the story you get visions of maybe your past or your future. Through out the story you can find ammo and guns In wich you can trade in for better ones in many other metro systems. As you go through these levels you are required to check your gas mask as you use it in wich the filters must be changed either manually or can also rummage though dead soldiers or abandoned buildings or territories to find useful things such as Medical kits when wounded.You also must pump a flash light and pump pneumatic weapons to keep a energy and power. This game is also very unique bust has minor glitches and you can get lost even in the mini sand boxes. The graphics also could have been slightly better but nevertheless it is an exiting game and you can also change the language to its original Russian mode and enable the subtitles too, after all the developer 4A games is from the Ukraine. But my final verdict would be to go out and get this game before the sequel (spoiler!!).