I recently bought the THQ Humble Bundle for Metro 2033 (and Company of Heroes), it looking like an awesome game. I was not disappointed. Metro 2033 is a Steller game.

The Campaign for the game has a really good story line, enough to drag me away from Dark Souls for a few hours at a time, in which you are trying to get help to protect your "town" (station is more the right word) from a new kind of mutant that has sprung up. So you go around from station to station and encounter a bunch of new people, mutants, bandits, and other people who just don't like you. 

One of my favorite features of the game was the HUD. There is no HUD. To check your ammo, you have to physically look at the Mag. To see how long your gas mask filter will last, you have to check your watch and then physically change your filter if its low. If your flashlight starts to fade, pull out your hand charger and charge it up. Pulling up the objective "screen" was the best, in my opinion. You push select* and your char pulls out a lighter and a clipboard and if its to dark to read the clipboard, you use the lighter. 

Even though Metro is a FPS, it sneaks in a lot of Survival Horror. You will be running around gunning down bandits and then you will come upon a chewed up corpse followed by a dark tunnel. Inside said tunnel, you have to rely on your trusty flashlight, which needs to be charged up, to see all of the mutants that like to sneak up on you. There were a lot of "O Freak! O Freak!" moments when I was playing that usually ended up with me shooting everything that moved with a shotgun, followed by me shooting things that somewhat resembled  "anything" for the next 20 minutes.

The only thing that I didn't like was that there is a secret Moral meter hidden inside the game that it doesn't tell you about. I, who consider myself a somewhat good guy, usually try to complete the "good" ending with every game I play, but the canon ending, according to the sequel game Metro: The Last Light (coming out next year XD), just happens to be the "bad" ending anyway. O Well. The bad ending isn't exactly the bad ending unless you actually look up the good ending (darn Wiki).

Overall: I would recommend this game to anyone who likes FPS/survival Horror/Stealth games



*Note: I bought this game off Steam and played it on my Laptop using a Wired Xbox 360 controller.