I bought this game soon after it came out (do not ask why I am finally doing a review now) and I was sucked into it instantly. The story is one of the best to appear in a FPS in a long time and this helps make you care for the characters as well. The story is the biggest aspect of the game that made me want to come back for more. To put it simply there was a nuclear holocaust around the world and the only people that survived were the ones in the metro station, for this game it is the Moscow Metro. Your character finds out that your station is being threatened by a certain type of creature unlike the normal ones you fight through out the game. These creatures make the people lose their minds. So your character goes out to get help from the largest station called Riga. What a glorious and somewhat creepy journey it is. On the way you fight Nazis and Communists and even into a library that has these creatures that are simply called Librarians. These creatures to me are the scariest creatures on the game since if you look at them you will have to stare them in the eyes for a while until they walk away, if you look away to soon prepare for a hard battle. The game is challenging as well. Many people complain about the AI, but I think the characters are very smart, they are up there with the AI from the first F.E.A.R. game. Weapons on the game feel great. They have a kick to them and do some real damage. Most of the guns on the game are hand made style guns, but are fun to use. Ammo is scares on the game, much like some survival horror games, so use the ammo sparingly. Also the currency is ammo as well. But the bullets used to trade are higher quality bullets that do more damage, but should not be used often. You can trade regular bullets for the better ones and vise- versa. A warning though. If you are looking for a Michael Bay style military shooter, this game is not for you, but if you want something different, I recommend trying this game out. I still play through the game every so often. P.S. I also own the book that the game is based on. If you live in the U.S. (as I do) you will not be able to buy it in stores. I bought my copy on Amazon.com. It is a great book and will help give a better idea to what is happening in the game.