With the recent releases of numerous FPS games, its hard to consider whats good and whats not these days. Rather than looking for a fun experience, many gamers look for that edgy feel and multiplayer accessibility. Though Metro 2033 does not match the standards of Call of Duty or Battlefield, it remains a fun game to play as its own genre.

I bought the game recently for a very low price (8 bucks to be exact) and felt that it was worth every penny. With a survivalist feel to the game and the 'end-of-the-world' atmosphere, Metro immerses us into a world filled with mutated monsters and bandits. The shooting feels exactly what you'd expect albeit a bit tough to get used to. Weapon variety is very low compared to other games, but every single one is useful in your fight. That's probably because bullets are scarce.

Other than the FPS segments, there are occasional RPG-like segments as well. Towns and hubs are frequently visited and you can trade/sell items there.

What really kills the game however are the stealth segments. You can't always run-and-gun everytime and stealth segments are placed just to fill in the gaps between. It's just a mere test of patience. There is also the constant need to salvage items and exploration of your surroundings, which also can cut into the already mentioned stealth segment. Though salvaging and exploration offer great rewards, it's almost hard to see where you're going with the rough lighting and gloomy textures, which properly adds to the horror of the Apocalypse.

Metro 2033 is a fun game that deviates itself from other FPS titles. The experience is slow at first but will pick up later on. Get it now for a hefty low price!