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THis game is completely awful. You have all lost it.

When I first heard about Metro 2033, I was extremely exited. I had been waiting for my post apocalyptic dreamland, and this seemed to be it. Too bad the game sucks. It is full of glitches, the graphics are god awful(that is a little harsh, they are only bad if you've been playing games such as Assassin's Creed 2 for weeks.) This game would have rocked in 2008. 

The only redeeming quality about this game is the story. I am sure the novel, upon which the game is based, is great. But the missions are bland, the enemies boring, and quite frankly, not scary. The game had so much promise. There was so much to work with, atmosphere could have been horrifying, but somehow it just came up short.

The weapons were so disappointing I could cry. The homemade feel was sort of cool, and definitely realistic, but THQ failed to go anywhere with them. They are all pretty bad, and if they aren't there is hardly any ammo for them. 

Probably the most disappointing thing in the entire game is the AI. When you fight the various monsters and bandits throughout the game, not only are they boring, but they are stupid. here are instances where I could walk my character right up to a bandit and it will do absolutely nothing. It would not shoot me! Whenever the main character got a partner, he would not do anything! Sometimes a glitch would put my partner with his nose in the corner for an entire battle. I would end up having to use up valuable ammo (as ammo is barely given throughout a mission) to fend of a hoard of enemies. 

Please rent this game. Do not buy it. If you like it I will eat my hat. Game Informer, why? Why did this and Splinter Cell: Conviction get the same rating? 

  • This game was far too linear for me and the AI's were extremely annoying.  I couldn't stand it!  

  • Elias there is a point in time where you find someone who does not pay attention to the story or what is going on and goes crazy. the reason there is very little ammo is because the world has been turned to sh*t, so ur not gona find very much. the reasons the ai so called by you sucks is because they are living in the subway, they arent very well trained and are just volunteers for their own stations protection. the guns suck because there is no way to build good ones and they dont have the technology to make better weapons. And please pay attention to your apparent hate of the friendly AI, they help you aton and are not stupid and brainless as you say. And last of all the only disappointing thing about the graphics are the faces of people. other than that the graphics are pretty good. And the scariness by the way is complete opinion, i wil say it is not that scary but there are some freightining moments in the game. Next time you rip on a game as good as this one, make sure you have your facts straight.

  • by the way the reason this and  splinter cell got the same rating is because they are both grate games

  • What the hell are you taking about? You get plenty of ammo in this game, have you actually played this?

    This review reminds me of those reviews players give, because they were too dumb to buy filters. So they blame the game.

    No game deserves under a 1, surely not this game.
  • The fact that you cannot realize that this games graphics blow any other 360 title out of the water, and on PC rival Crysis in pumped to full, need an extremely awesome rig to run it and blow your mind out on the visual glory that was Metro 2033 and its atmosphere is enough reason to discount any opinion you have on video games in the future.

  • LOL... He rips Metro 2033 for it's AI and then praises Splinter Cell: Conviction... FAIL!

  • Looks like you need to eat your hat.

  • rofl you sure you have played this game? the game's AI are actually criticized for being TOO smart. they are the most intelligent AI in any game I have ever played. that is why in the second they are toning them down because the original AI were too hard.
  • the fact that you had no ammo thhroughout the entire game was probably legit, only while i had the same amount of ammo, i probably had plenty, mainly due to the fact that i ran around throwing-knifing everyone but yeah...