The Stalker series, has become one of my all time favorite videogame series ever.  The gritty feel to it, is reminiscent of fallout 3, but ironically enough, feels like it takes place farther in the future, mainly due to the weapons.  When I heard that Metro was a new game made by some of the Stalker visionaries, I knew i had to get it.

Sadly, this game wasn't what i expected it to be.  Do not misunderstand me, this game is brilliant, but it doesn't feel right.  Weapons in this game, are almost an enemy, they constantly use up your precious ammo, and they don't feel like they do much.  Throughout the game, I found that my favorite and best weapon, was the standard revolver.  You get an AK 47 about a third of the way in, and it feels weak beyond belief.  Then you cross over into stealth sections, that involve you making use of your throwing knives, but once the guard you've been aiming at for a solid 2 minutes, and spent 3 knives trying to hit, finally catches onto your location...YOUR SCREWED.  Not as far as taking out all of the enemies, but stealthily making your way out without fighting all of them.  I was also at dismay to the fact that it wasn't open world.

I hope that if you play this game you like it. This review may be very one sided, but i love this game.  It packs a great atmosphere, and is a great addition to the Xbox library.