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Metrico was designed specifically for the Vita


Metrico was designed specifically for the Vita

Metrico was designed specifically for the Vita, something that sometimes enhances - but often hinders - the experience. I like the way the game layers on mechanics as you progress; I just wish they were more polished. You start being able to do little more than jump and move, but eventually gain the ability to shoot small projectiles (and aim them with the Vita's back touch panel, which can be frustrating at times). Puzzles that use the Vita's tilt functionality and camera are shaky at best and aggravating at worst. The tilt puzzles frequently had me twisting my neck to view the game as I rotated the system 90 degrees or more. Toward the end, a mechanic is added that requires you to use the Vita camera to move platforms, but it's hard to use and confusing. I believe it has to do with overall light exposure and red, green, and blue colors. You're going to have to experiment on your own, because the game often doesn't explain these new mechanics. I found a system that worked for me that involved pointing the camera at combinations of my coffee mug, desktop, and office window - and I still couldn't tell you exactly how it all worked.

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