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Metal Slug 7

A Shell of What the Series Used to Be

Buyer beware: Metal Slug 7 has absolutely no two-player co-op. If you're still willing to give the game a shot, you'll find some snazzy animation and impressive set piece moments like controlling a screen-filling Slug. The main campaign is relatively average, but it's nice that you can jump into any mission once you've beaten it. Unfortunately, the bottom screen contains a useless lo-res map instead of incorporating the action somehow and the ''Training Grounds'' bonus challenges feel too similar to the main game.

User Reviews:

  • 6.00
    With every new incarnation of this lavished classic the seriesstrays further from the original giggle that came when you found out the full bloody outcome, with the exception of the original and still highly loved first 3 games. Even though the game sports great 2-D graphics the story and length of the...
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