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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Exclusive Xbox Content And Release Date Revealed

Metal Gear Solid V’s first chapter, Ground Zeroes, will feature exclusive content on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. We learned about the Playstation-exclusive flashback mission with polygonal Snake last month. Today we learn what’s in store for the Xbox versions.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One players will have access to Cyborg Ninja Raiden. In addition to this news and two new trailers (below), we know that Ground Zeroes will arrive on March 18, 2014. 

Xbox Wire interviewed series creator Hideo Kojima to talk about Ground Zeroes and its relationship to The Phantom Pain. "Ground Zeroes is the gateway that leads into The Phantom Pain and serves as the prologue to the core Metal Gear Solid V experience,” Kojima says. “If I were to draw an analogy to Hollywood movies, it's similar to those first 15 minutes of a film that grabs the viewer's interest and pulls them in before the opening title appears.  In game terms, it's a sort of tutorial that will help players get accustomed to many of the changes that we're introducing to the system.”

For more, you can read our past coverage of Metal Gear Solid V. Ground Zeroes. It will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

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  • It sounds like pre-game DLC. Like if The Knife of Dunwall or Captain Scarlett were required to play before the base game.
  • Mod
    YES! I just submitted this. I officially love you for all of eternity and then some, GI (in a friend way)! Whoot whoot.

    I must admit, I am a little upset that I won't be able to play as Raiden. That would be incredibly epic - and I'm not sure if even a Shadow Moses-rooted nostalgic mission can substitute quite as well as playing as a super-powered cyborg-ninja free agent with a penchant for slicing stuff in half.
  • That's great that Konami is being fair about this, show's you they aren't showing any favoritism. Still need to get around to picking up one of the past game's. The only one I've ever played was the 1st one
  • Raiden? That's a lot sweeter than Polygonal snake. Dayum. You XbOne people are lucky!
  • that ai is intense on hard. will def be on that

  • that ai is intense on hard. will def be on that

  • This is great for Xbox players but I can't help but feel that Kojima upset some fans on the PlayStation side. Not many liked the exclusive polygonal Snake DLC.
  • With all this exclusive garbage flying around with this game, I'm just going to wait it out. I'm glad both sides now have something but this is just retarded. I'm sure there will be a complete edition at some point to come out.
  • I don't give a sh*t about exclusive content, I just want to play MGS V!!!

  • Seriously? PlayStation gets low polies and Xbox gets BADASS CYBORG RAIDEN VS BODY SNATCHING ALIENS? If I remember correctly Metal Gear Solid used to be a Playstation exclusive series.


  • Glad I'm not getting either Xbox version.
  • I'm okay with not having this on my PS4 version, but hopefully it becomes available at some point in time for those who would like it.

  • Wow, it's strange to say but, this Xbox MGS exclusive looks better than it's PlayStation counterpart! Why the sudden change of heart Kojima?! lol But that's good news for me since I own an Xbox One c:
  • Sweeeeet!

  • What are you doing to me Japanese developers!? I'm not loaded with money damn it! Feb 11th Final Fantasy 13-3, Feb 25th Tales of Symphonia collection, and March 18th Final Fantasy X HD and MEtal Gear Solid V...you're killing my wallet Japan!!
  • I will play this as soon as a collection of them all is released that includes: Grounds Zeroes and The Phantom Pain.

  • Umm... First response is that the XB DLC sounds a bit better than the one for PS.. Jus' sayin
  • I have been thinking about getting the Xbox version,this makes it even easier to decide

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