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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

A Look At The Game's Advanced Facial Capture Technology

Hideo Kojima has made much of Fox Engine's ability to create photorealistic graphics. Now, a new video shows the process of creating the in-game model for the character Quiet.

As you'll see, actress Stephanie Joosten's face and head is capture by an array of camera and then digitized into a 3D model. It's a process that was used extensively in Rockstar's L.A. Noire, and can create an eerie likeness.

  • she's cute, and the music is amazing.
  • She has pretty eyes. I'm soo damn hyped up for this game.

  • that dslr-set ups. me want.

  • She's sexy and Quiet is sexy. Hooray for SEXY womennnnnnnnnnn
  • Man, jesus she so freaking beautiful wtf- she got to be an alien goddess
  • Am I the only one that noticed how GI spelled her name differently from what's in the video?

  • This is the kind of stuff that makes appreciate the technology that goes into creating video game engines. That's just amazing.

  • Love the music

  • She is a pretty woman, and that is cool technology.

  • Awesome video, and you know Kojima always comes up with the craziest characters for Metal Gear.......Can't wait!

  • That suit sure looks like good protection.

  • Thats a interesting....outfit? Oh its a Japanese game, then never mine thats just perfect

  • Fantastic technology, but the artistic creativity behind the character?. . . Are you kidding me Kojima?! It's as if he's daring feminists to go at him, lol.

  • F*** the game ! I need to talk to that model !

  • People wear bikinis to gunfights all the time. Totally.
  • This will be a multiplayer game like no other believe it. Who said graphics don't matter say what?

  • sweeeeet

  • I loved LA Noire due the to realism!  To see 3D become so "real" is just freaky.

  • I dig it.