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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

A Look At The Game's Advanced Facial Capture Technology

Hideo Kojima has made much of Fox Engine's ability to create photorealistic graphics. Now, a new video shows the process of creating the in-game model for the character Quiet.

As you'll see, actress Stephanie Joosten's face and head is capture by an array of camera and then digitized into a 3D model. It's a process that was used extensively in Rockstar's L.A. Noire, and can create an eerie likeness.

  • Wonder how many discs Phantom Pain will use... I'm gonna guess 1 with a massive install base, or just two.
  • What is it with the Japanese and weird soundtracks?
  • they should do a mgs super replay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That's pretty uncanny.  I wouldn't say photorealistic, but it's really good.

  • Stephanie Josteen is absolutely beautiful!
  • Mod
    It looks amazing. My excitement for this game hasn't ebbed a bit since it's announcement. I wish it was a launch game for PS4. :(
  • Open world MGS with hot chicks? Where do I sign up?

    Not quite as good as the wizard guy from E3 but still very impressive.

  • This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

  • Finally another game to use the LA Noire tech! I can't believe its taken so long to catch on. I think now that we've reached such a high point with graphics in games, the two areas to make them look better are framerate and animation. MGS seems to have taken special notice of that second one, and it really shows.

  • The graphical level we are at right now is perfectly fine for me. Devs really need to start cracking down on things like fabrics, non moving armor, waving hair, facial animations, shadows, light, water, etc.

    They need to start focusing on all the little things in games that add to the immersion. I'm glad Kojima is starting to do this.

  • She gorgeous.
    Her lower lip and that weak chin of hers are her best features, imo. Shame her dimples aren't noticeable in her in game model, maybe in the final version?
  • Mod
    If only developers could get clothing this animated and photo-realistic.
    This is some amazing tech.
  • STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! All this talk of GTA V and MGSV is just TOO MUCH! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYM-*head explodes*
  • They're using a LOT of polygons. At least, I think that's what 1:31 is showing.
  • Nothing says realism like a bikini and the barest pieces of a load-bearing vest.
  • Quiet will be a...a interesting character...Espcially with the recent comments from Kojima...Yeah..
  • Wow, they gave her huge boobs, nice.  Can't wait for this game.

  • Damn, only great things to come with this type of capturing, amazing! Stephanie is a cutie too!

  • The tech is cool, but it looks like Quiet is only there for sex appeal. I don't think were going to hear any deep lines from her when her name implies she isn't going to say anything.
  • It does look pretty nice.

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