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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Director's Cut Trailer

It wouldn't be a proper E3 without a huge Metal Gear trailer, and here you can take a look at the almost 10-minute long Director's Cut trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The game is also coming to the next-gen systems, and like other Metal Gear trailers through the years, everything looks great.

Take a look at Phantom Pain's open world, gruesomeness, new characters, and old faces.

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  • BEST gaming trailer ive ever seen.

    This (Like MGS4) will probably end up being underrated in terms of graphics, playability and storyline. MGS is the best series PS has to offer! (Despite Revengence)

  • This game looks incredible, definately a day one purchase

  • This game is definitley on a whole different level than any MGS game before it.  There are some really intense scenes in this trailer..

  • I really wish they would remake the original Metal Gear games with cutscenes and updated graphics and all that goodness, I feel like I'm missing out on some key pieces of the story without them

  • It seems this trailer reveals what that shrapnel in Big Boss' head is. At the 8:21 mark one of the x-ray shots shows a skull with what looks like a diamond lodged in it. Big Boss has a giant black diamond buried in his skull. Probably by an explosion.
  • That is some intense stuff. Really getting touchy. I like it. A lot. Of course I'm buying it! but on PS3 or PS4?

  • Quiet looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • This game looks amazing. And I know I'll love it. But... Watching this and hearing the "wrong" voice just felt really really bad. Old Big Boss or no, that wasn't him. It just didn't sound right.