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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Director's Cut Trailer

It wouldn't be a proper E3 without a huge Metal Gear trailer, and here you can take a look at the almost 10-minute long Director's Cut trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The game is also coming to the next-gen systems, and like other Metal Gear trailers through the years, everything looks great.

Take a look at Phantom Pain's open world, gruesomeness, new characters, and old faces.

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  • First and WOW
  • The day this gem comes out can't come soon enough!

  • I'm pretty sure Paz is the "boy" getting operated on in the trailer. There's lots of speculation that Eli will turn out to be Liquid as well.
  • Whoa... The beginning intro was hard to watch. This game looks gritty and nice.

  • Super excited. **Sees it's on GI's native player* Eh, I can wait.
  • Now this is snake!

  • Some harsh realities in this trailer. Beautiful looking game

  • I anticipate watching this 10 times at the least
  • Oh sweeeeetttt~
  • Now I see why Kojima expressed concerns with selling this game. I sense the media blowing up over this game.
  • Welp, now that the entire story and characters have been developed, I guess this will be a good starting point for the series. I wish they would make the entire series for PC.
  • Man, they really know how to do trailers.

  • Spoiler(kind of) did snake just shoot all those people ?!
  • Who, or what, is this Cypher they keep mentioning? I don't recall there being a Cypher of any sort in the other MGS games...
  • Awesome. I may actually play and enjoy this Metal Gear game. I had problems with MGS4... mainly the controls.

  • Amazing first day purchase. I bought my ps3 because of MGS4 bought the bundled ps3. Love that this is coming to xbox one. Cant wait for novemberrrrrr!!!!!! If its gonna be ready for launch on next gen. I wonder how much better it will look on next gen compared to current. I just cant stop watching the video. This game is amazing.I love that he decided to go with a darker theme for the game and what hes trying to do with the story making it more mature.
  • This is so dark and intense, I love it. Thanking God right now that MS was able to bring this over to X1 too

  • I must have watched this over a dozen times by now, simply mind blowing

  • Looks great, but I wonder how many times the player failed and restarted in the making of the gameplay demo...

  • This may be the greatest trailer ever crafted...most likely leading to the greatest game ever.

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