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How to unlock,find,and obtain hidden uniforms in Metal gear solid 3.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

How to unlock,find,and obtain hidden uniforms in Metal gear solid 3.

this is my first guide,before we start. 

SPOILER WARNING some new players may have missed uniforms in Mgs3,that will benefit you.alot.here is a guide to find some hidden uniforms.  Spoiler Warning last chance.


to unlock this, you need to defeat Ocelot with the MK22(tranquilizer pistol). when you land in the cave, you should find it in the first area. it`s special effect is to lower shaking when aiming a weapon. it also has a cool ocelot style camo.

 Honet Stripe:

to get this, you need to defeat the the pain with the MK22. when you defeat him,climb the stone walkway near the exit, and jump on the stone the pain was on. its effect is to ward off bugs, and you can tame hornets while wearing the uniform.(note:ammo will spawn on all these bossfights,and you cannot fight them with your fists)


You need to defeat the Fear with the MK22. the boss fight is easier if you find the thermal goggles at the back of the warehouse. special effect is to give user stealth capability at the cost of stamina.(no,you dont turn invisble)


You need to CQC hold up the End and he will give up the uniform,and if you defeat him with the MK22,you can acquire his Mosin nagant(tranq sniper). i didnt get it so i dnt know the effect wearing it.


defeat the Fury with the MK22 or mosin nagant,the effect is to halve the damage done to the user from fire or explosions.


in the locker where you put Raikov in(when you go to Groznyj grad a second time)it will be there. it halves all damage done to the user,and cuts stamina reduction as well.(and on the locker door you`ll find yourself a nice little metal gear solid 2 poster)


You just need to use the revival pill in the sorrow bossfight when you get to the end,and it will be in your backpack once you get it back.its effect is to drain stamina from enemies you choke hold.

Cold War:

in the volgin boss fight,if you defeat him with the MK22, he will drop the uniform.make sure to unequip the weapon or his electricity will set off the gun and waste all the ammo. its effect is that enemies will hesitate to attack the user.


Mk22 The Boss and she will drop it. i  havent unlocked the camo either.:(