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Solid Snakes on the Plane

It's too bad GI doesn't really feel this is a worthy entry for the MG collection, because I really am enjoying it so far. Been working my way through MGS2, haven't touched 3 yet, but the complaints Joe is having about it "not being the best way to play the series" confuses me because in many respects I find it looks better than I remember them being on my ps2 at the time and am having a blast revisiting an old series. 

The touch controls are pretty minimal compared to the majority of gimmicky implementations in various other Vita titles and I don't find them to truly detract from my gaming experience. This is Metal Gear on a hand held, of COURSE it's not going to play the same as it would on your console with a big screen tv and dedicated controller...but I thought that would have been obvious and not a point to hold against this title, but I guess not for all. 

If you own a Vita and have ever played a MG title & enjoyed it, you should pick this one up. 

  • Haven't played this version, but I think "it is what it is", y'know. It's two great games in a fairly robust package for a handheld. That sounds great to me!

    Honestly, Joe's score of 7.75 isn't bad at all. It means that this is a good purchase. However, his complaints seemed more to do with the fact that this has been done already on other systems. I don't see that as a necessary complaint. I especially don't think that comparisons to other iterations should affect the score, because the game should be graded on its own merits. That's my theory, anyway.

    Good review.

  • the reason this is not the best way to play the series is written in joe's review. it says clearly that this version omits the MGS: Peace Walker game and the controls aren't nearly as fluid as the PS3 Version of this collection and the controls are probably even worse than the 360 controls for this collection due to less buttons on the Vita. over all the best way to play this collection is on PS3 becasuse it has the complete original control scheme which was the only thing the 360 was lacking but the Vita is missing an entire game and the proper controls.

    those are the main reasons he says this version isnt the best way to play this collection and from the sound of it, i would agree, ESPECIALLY since it costs the exact same price as the PS3/360 version but is missing an entire game and multiplayer. so while i'm sure these are very good on Vita, they arent quite as good and for it to be the same price and be missing a game, definitely warrants a lowered score, so i agree with joe on this one.

  • I approve of the internet in this comment section.


    Games don't exist in a vacuum. Always a pet peeve of mine.


    was about to type exactly what you just did

  • It just means some games don't belong on a handheld. If you're going to put a console game on a handheld, it should be equal or better than the original title, or you're wasting your money.

  • Of course it looks better than you remember it on PS2. It's the HD remake.