It's too bad GI doesn't really feel this is a worthy entry for the MG collection, because I really am enjoying it so far. Been working my way through MGS2, haven't touched 3 yet, but the complaints Joe is having about it "not being the best way to play the series" confuses me because in many respects I find it looks better than I remember them being on my ps2 at the time and am having a blast revisiting an old series. 

The touch controls are pretty minimal compared to the majority of gimmicky implementations in various other Vita titles and I don't find them to truly detract from my gaming experience. This is Metal Gear on a hand held, of COURSE it's not going to play the same as it would on your console with a big screen tv and dedicated controller...but I thought that would have been obvious and not a point to hold against this title, but I guess not for all. 

If you own a Vita and have ever played a MG title & enjoyed it, you should pick this one up.