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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Hear Kiefer Sutherland As Snake In The English Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

We've seen this trailer before, but this is the first time we've seen it in English.

The original Japanese version of the trailer was shown just over a year ago. It's weird hearing the trailer in English, and even stranger to hear a different voice coming from Snake's mouth.

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  • I think he fits the role of Big Boss fine but NOT Solid Snake. Big Boss should have a softer and more leaderly voice since his charisma inspires so many to follow and love him. Solid Snake is a lone wolf and tends to play by his own rules and Hayters voice hit that perfectly. My major problem with this whole thing though is why they had Hayter do Big Bosses voice in MGS3 and PW. Even when those games released I thought it was a really strange decision because they cross paths mutiple time throughout the entire story line and they would obviously have different voices. Now it's just kind of one big confusing mess, but I still love the franchise and will be picking this up day one.

  • An interesting new voice...

  • "No! That is NOT Solid Snake!"
    *fires M4/M203*
    "Stop impersonating him!"
    : ) I still think its gonna be a fake-out like 3. His rhythm is all off. Like Snake on fast-forward
  • This is what I keep telling myself at night so I can sleep lol. (SPOILER) Isn't Keifer playing snakes dad? Maybe thats why the new voice? P.S. I know David has played his dad before in 3 and the psp games, and I'm most definately gonna miss David Hayter. GUYVER 2 DARK HERO FTW!!!

  • This is almost disappointing. If this wasn't my favorite game series, I would complain a lot harder.

  • (*sigh*) Everything about this is just gorgeous. . . except for Snake's voice. I'll no doubt be bothered by this for a longo time. Kiefer Sutherland IS a "solid" action star, but why? WHY?! Why get him when David Hayter is both still alive and more than capable of doing an older voice?! I just have this feeling that they've got Sutherland lined up to do the live-action MGS movie and this is why they're giving us a taste of him now. . . (*double sigh*)

  • It's sad to not have David Hayter say "Kept you waiting huh?" but it actually sounds pretty cool coming from Sutherland. It just takes some getting used to.

  • Not happy with Kiefer's voice as Snake.Sounds outta place.

  • Kurt Russell should voice Snake.
  • I don't mind Sutherland's Snake. It feels right. Can't wait to get my hands on this game.

  • watch it a couple of times.. Then got used to the voice.. no problem for me

  • Silly fanboys will cry all day about nothing.

  • This makes me sad