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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Hear Kiefer Sutherland As Snake In The English Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

We've seen this trailer before, but this is the first time we've seen it in English.

The original Japanese version of the trailer was shown just over a year ago. It's weird hearing the trailer in English, and even stranger to hear a different voice coming from Snake's mouth.

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  • When I first heard Keifer Sutherland was going to be doing the voice of Big Boss, I had reservations. At the moment, they're still in place even after hearing him in the trailer. It's a very disconnecting feeling hearing a new VA from an established series. I felt the same disconnection when they changed Sam Fishers VA.

    Reguarding the trailer, Keifer's voice just does not have that oomph and power that Hayter's had. Like others have said, it sounds very generic. This is just a trailer though and it might get better as the game goes on. Time will only tell.

    My reservations still stand until I get some quality time with the game to find out if the voice will grow on me or if I'll be saying "Man, I really wish that was Hayter."

  • You messed up, Kojima-san.

  • When the guy puts the hat on at around the 5:00 mark the first thing that popped into my head was "Heisenberg?!" Haha.
  • I'm not going to say he can't do a good job voicing Snake; I'm sure he can, and I may get used to it, but that's beside the point, because regardless, it's jarring to hear someone else do the voice other than Hayter. Furthermore, the argument about "Hayter is Solid Snake, not Big Boss" is dumb to me, because both Big Boss and Solid Snake have Hayter's voice for the majority of the series; the only time it was needed was in four, and that's because you can't really have Hayter talking to Hayter.

    I will say that while it's awkward to hear this, I'm still giving it a chance and believe in the end I won't mind as much. I hope they have intense moments to test his voice out though, because here, it sounds tonally plain. Oh, and I wish the bad guy with the burned face had a more raspy; scary voice, or simply different than your average voice, because it doesn't match his messed up face.
  • didnt we hear a different voice in the big long director's cut trailer thingy?

  • Thank god:D I know in minority but I hated Hayter's voice. Finally we have someone that doesnt sound like he swallowed a wasp.
  • Weak. This series got weaker after 3. I played 4, beat it, wasn't satisfied. Didn't pick up uprising either. Probably not gonna pick this up, MGS ended with 4, too many gimmicks and no more Hayter? WTF was Kojima thinking.

  • "Kept you waiting, huh?"

    Yes, yes you did, Kiefer. I've been wanting to hear this line in english for a very long time.

  • The built-in video player is still so inconsistend for me :/ game looks awesome.

  • I think that Sutherland is not...awful. We shall see how this goes.

  • Except for the odd delivery of the famous "Kept you waiting, huh" line, he sounds pretty good.

  • Yep, sounds like Kiefer Sutherland.

  • well, that was weird.

  • yeaaaaaa im just going to play the Japanese version with english subtitles

  • Eh, they could've picked somebody worse.  At least they didn't go with H. Jon Benjamin.

  • Everytime Snake dies, I'll be thinking, "Jack? Jaaaaaaaack!"
  • I agree with most on here that it is odd not hearing Hayters voice, but for story purposes Big Boss and Solid Snake have to sound different eventually. When these two characters eventually meet up they can't have the same exact voice, that would be kinda dumb.
  • Keep you waiting huh?

    Sound so wrong from anyone but David Hayter

  • Snake: David?.. David!? Please respond!!


  • I cannot describe how odd it is to hear Sutherland's voice when watching this video. I will not be able to shake the feeling of 24 when playing this game.