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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Hear Kiefer Sutherland As Snake In The English Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

We've seen this trailer before, but this is the first time we've seen it in English.

The original Japanese version of the trailer was shown just over a year ago. It's weird hearing the trailer in English, and even stranger to hear a different voice coming from Snake's mouth.

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  • When I first learned that Hayter was out for Snake voice I was feeling like : "meh....why not ?"

    Now that I ear Sutherland I feel like : "Wow....something does not compute..."

    Soooooo in the end I found that Sutherland voice is adding to much emotion to Snake and makes him feel like a casual agent, it doesn't sound like "The boss", you know, the guy that has an incredible background...

    But hey ! I must just be a little resistant to change so I'm gonna have a drink, sit down and trust Konami/Kojima on this and give Sutherland a chance.

  • God that sounded so bland and generic I couldn't even tell when it was snake talking most of the time. Really does sound terrible and completely unfitting to the character in how he looks too. really expected better :(

  • "Kept you waiting, huh?"

    It just... lacks the magic of Hayter's voice.

  • don't be stupid people, Big Boss needs to have a different voice, I'm sure Kojima will make a remake for Metal Gear 1 and 2. Big Boss and Solid Snake need to have different voices, otherwise it will look ridiculous if both had the same voice while talking to each other.
  • The game looks amazing. Looking forward to its release.

    Although not his only part, I will forever link Mr. Sutherland to Jack Bauer and the opening credits of 24. It will take some time getting use to the voice change, but as long as the new gameplay features turn out alright, I will have no complaints.

  • Yuck.

  • I like Kiefer Sutherland a lot, and think he's going to do a fine job. But I do miss David Hayter.

    Not only because he did Snake with a more gruff, more gravelly tone (it's clear Sutherland is closer to his normal speaking voice), but he also delivered Snake's lines with the proper emphasis. Sure, his take was a little more heavy-handed, with more of an anime cadence, but Kiefer's more natural pacing when speaking these lines just lacks the same... "dramatic punch" we've all become accustomed to when voiced through David Hayter's pipes. It's certainly different. Doesn't mean it's worse, but it's noticeable all the same. There's a little bit of a disconnect here, it seems, between the melodrama Kojima is setting up and how Snake is reacting to it now. He's less "World Weary" and more "Business as usual".

    Btw, according to IMDB (so take it with a grain of salt), David Hayter is still going to voice Big Boss in MGSV: The Phantom Pain. So... that'll be interesting if it turns out to be true.
  • It's official: I miss Hayter :(
  • I think that Kiefer, should have at least tried to sound even a little bit like snake. he sounds more like a heavy smoking voice actor trying to voice otacon than snake to me.

  • I think Kiefer sounds pretty good honestly. I think it's easier now to picture Big Boss with a different voice actor IMO considering Hayter didn't voice him in 4 for obvious reasons.

  • Yeah, I'm too used to Hayter. This just doesn't feel right. I know some people speculate that Solid Snake is going to be in this game but I mean seriously, change Solid Snake's voice actor, I'm pretty sure if Solid Snake is in this game he's going to be pretty young and it would be more sensible for him to sound different. Or hell use Hayter minus the raspy-ness in Solid Snake's voice, I'm just not digging the idea of hearing this voice the whole game. Will buy it none the less but I am bummed.
  • Mod

    Ugh, I hate when directors are used to the usual VO crew and are too scared to tel a big name to redo their lines. This is going to be Bill Murray in the Ghostbusters game all over again.

  • By the end of the game I'm sure most of us will have forgotten all about Snake's voice. Sure it sucks that a favorite part of MGS is gone but nothing stays the same forever.

  • It doesn't feel right! It's wrong so very wrong without Hayter

  • It's like the DMC reimagining of Dante, but over a voice. For the love of God people, wait and see the finished product before you declare the game to be dead o you!

  • They should have changed the pitch. I recently decided that I hate this series. I hate the gameplay. I have given it many chances. It is dead to me. I had hella fun with MGS 1 on PS1. That is where the story ends for me.
  • Meh, it seems clear to me they went with Kiefer Sutherland since he's a big name actor and wanted to bring a new level of legitimacy to the industry.

  • Not impressed at all. Nuff said.

  • It's not the same!

    David plz! T_T