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  • Blog Post: Continues the story for one of the deepest stories for a video game series ever,lets you choose to play it as a stealth or shooter and for it's time had realistic visuals.

    The Metal Gear Solid series has amongst the most deepest,continuing story for any video game series.Metal Gear Solid 4 continues this trend by revealing more about the haunting pasts of numerous genetically engineered humans and once again shows how those humans were used as tools for warfare and how... More
  • Blog Post: Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots: Snake’s Epic, Last Farewell

    Hideo Kojima’s next Metal Gear reveal is almost upon us, and in honor of that occasion, there’s no time better to relive Solid Snake’s last, true tribute of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Even 5 years later, MGS 4 stands as one of the PS3‘s most remembered classics... More
  • Blog Post: The End of a Legacy

    First off, I love the Metal Gear series more than I should ever love a series of video games. I love its characters, its strange humor, and the stories and struggles of every character. All us Metal Gear fans could ask for was a good ending to Solid Snake's epic tale of hardship, victory, and terror... More
  • Blog Post: MGS4

    In 1999, at 12 years old, I played Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation 1. It was the greatest gaming experience I ever had. I remember calling my friend on the phone in panic after Meryl had been shot by Sniper Wolf. That's how moved I was by the events in this game. The Otacon-Sniper Wolf scene could... More
  • Blog Post: Metal Gear Solid 4

    Metal Gear Solid has probably been my favorite video game series since I was a little boy with a Playstation 1, now that it has been years since those days and I have finally played this solid final game in this solid series that has never failed to get me...well, you know. Now back to MGS4, I have to... More
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