Metal Gear Solid has probably been my favorite video game series since I was a little boy with a Playstation 1, now that it has been years since those days and I have finally played this solid final game in this solid series that has never failed to get me...well, you know. Now back to MGS4, I have to say this is probably the most dramatic Metal Gear in the series for good reason, This is hopefully the conclusion to the series, I say hopefully because anything after this will seem like this entry into the series meaningless. The story is amazing and just a personal favorite of mine either it's the nostalgia talking or my love for Solid Snake that makes me want to cheer for him as he rapidly presses the X button for flashbacks. The gameplay is the is what you expect from Metal Gear except it is placed in an all out war between PMC's and Militia men, Metal Gear Online was an absolute favorite of mine actually it began to slowly become terrible but it has some really unique experiences that you just don't get in console shooters anymore. The community was terrible I have to admit and all of the uniqueness just drifted away which is probably why the servers closed actually. Although I really do love this games there are a couple of flaws which bump the score down for me but I will not say what since this is already a big wall of text.