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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer Highlights Boss Fights

A new 5 minute trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance from the Tokyo Game Show gives you a look at new boss characters and stealth elements. Three new characters shown have names: Sundowner (bald dude), Mistral (girl with a bunch of arms), and Monsoon (the guy who separates himself into pieces).

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is out February 19.

  • A lot of people in the US like playing with the Japanese dialogue and the English subtitles. Do you think that the Japanese like to play with the English dialogue and the Japanese subtitles?
  • Mod
    This game looks amazing. Platinum has really outdone themselves. If you have even a passing interest in games like Devil may Cry or Bayonetta and you aren't excited for this after this trailer, I feel sorry for you lol.

    Can't wait to play the demo when I pick up ZOE HD.
  • While certainly irritated that Bayonetta 2 is only on Wii U, I'm glad we get some Platinum love. Can always count on Metal Gear to make everything better.

  • My slavering fervor for this game knows no bounds... ZOE HD can't get here fast enough, because I reeeeeeeeeally want to play the demo for this.
  • While watching the trailer, I forgot that Rising is related to Metal Gear in any way. Also, I didn't realize until now that the arms of the scarabs are the same as Screaming Mantis'.

  • It looks like raiden changes how he looks doing the game and has a good reason to tranform into the terminator. This game looks better and better.
  • even tho i dont play mtal gear i would love to see someone play it and i just watch the cutscenes.

  • OMG! His hair is so pretty!!! You can tell by the hair this and RE6 are going to be great games :)
  • Metal Gear Gaiden.

  • Amazing. Platinum games is the greatest action developer on the planet. Everyone BUY THIS GAME. Support Platinum!!!!!!
  • I have very high expectations for this game.

    Platinum Games + Kojima Productions = 10/10

  • I know what I want to be when I grow up

  • As a stylish game this looks quite impressive. As a Metal Gear game, well..... Regardless I'm sure it will be pretty good, even if the fans cry foul.
  • The game looks awesome. I hope it comes out really good.

  • I don't think those were stealth mechanics, I think they were stab that guy in the back mechanics.
  • This game looks more amazing every time they show it.

    I'm glad Platinum dialed back the insanity though. From the first Platinum reveal trailer? When Raiden grabbed a Metal Gear, hurled it into the sky, jumped up after it and sliced it in half? As cool as that was, it was awfully stupid. You have to put limits on Raiden's power in order to create tension, drama, challenge, and triumph. Judging by this trailer, it looks like they found that balance.

    It looks like Raiden is going to get his butt kicked pretty badly at points, and once again Kojima Productions busts out some seriously creative-looking bosses. The woman with multiple arms? The guy who is a bunch of disparate parts connected by electricity? Awesome stuff. Truly awesome stuff. It's also nice to see Raiden do some stealthy things in this trailer. Not to mention the engaging uses of the "Slice Time" mechanic - like when he got caught by that chick's whip, and was held upside down, and then sliced it to free himself? That mechanic was in serious danger of just being a cool, but useless, frivolty. I'm glad they found some real cool uses for it.

    Vanquish and Bayonetta were some of the best action games ever made. Having anyone from that studio work on a Metal Gear is a dream come true. This looks awesome, and it's the fresh kick in the pants that the Metal Gear series needed for some time - I'm all onboard and cannot wait!
  • In Platinum we trust! Platinum always delivers! Day 1 buy!

  • totally rad

  • This looks really great. It's good to see that some stealth made its way into the game. Also the classic Metal Gear humor. Can't wait to play it.

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