Well finally, after about four years I got to play Metal Gear Rising, and while I can't say it lived up to my expectations, it did prove itself to be a passable action game.

You play as Raiden, the once considered worst thing to happen to a Metal Gear game, only now he's been given a Badassectomy, and a fancy sword. The story's pretty basic, not to mention a little far fetched even for Metal Gear standards; You're fighting from what I gathered a group of war mongers looking to....well, start up a war! It works for what the game is, though I wish the writers could have done a better job with character development. Like it states in the GI review, none of the new characters are all that interesting, and the only bad guys that seemed fleshed out are Sam and Sundowner....And I'd bet you don't even know who they are!! Sam was the long haired Samurai dude and Sundowner was the big bald brute that killed the Prime Minister in the trailers. The final boss is probably one of the most ridiculuous guys I've ever seen in a game!

I should also point out that Raiden IS bad ass in this, but he has some real weird mood swings....like he's calm one minute, and just insane the next! Maybe get him some cyber-xanacs or something for another game...

Gameplay is functional, and the "cutting" mechanic is a lot of fun. You do get some special sub-weapons, but I only found one of them being of any real use. Maybe I just didn't try the others hard enough, but still. The blocking or parrying is the worst I've ever seen. I honestly don't see why the developers didn't just give you a button to push instead of "push the square button and push the left stick toward an enemy" nonsense (I played the PS3 version btw). The action, however, was pretty good, even if it was just simplistic hack and slash gameplay.

Personal thoughts:  I did find the game enjoyable, and recommend it for anyone that loves a good action game. The story was okay, nothing that'll be called epic, but the action was great and the over the top moments were awesome. I would have liked to see the original plot for the game, though, which would have made this game a prequel between MGS2 and 4. Maybe we can get something like that in the next game, or at least some answers to the obvious questions, like why's Raiden a cyborg, why is he so crazy at times, and what about some more insight on the guys at the end of MGS 4.