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I got the game that I wanted

When I bought the Zone of the Enders HD Collection with the demo for this game, I stopped for a moment before test playing it and told meself:

"This is not gonna be Tactical Espionage Action by any sense whatsoever. This is gonna be exactly what we saw with Riden's cut-scene in MGS4."

And with that mindset, I thoroughly enjoyed the demo, and now game for what it is; a full on action/ cut-em-up/ slice 'n' dice bloody good time. I am of course more excited for Ground Zeroes, but this game offers a nice change of pace for now. I am happy to have it in the Metal Gear library.

Also I got the CE and the plasma lamp is more than what I expected it was gonna be, which made me that much happier. It's freakin' sweeeeeet!

  • i love this game.it is full of action and it keeps on going with it.i think it could have been beter with the stealth because i think its sloppy with it and i love the upgrade system because it actuly does something but im not crazy with the the ar system.i think they should take out the traning and put in a new abbilty for raiden so it could keep the game fresh.i knom one way the devlepor can make the sequal.an open world game with raiden and evrybody and put in sidequast and main missions with rpg elments to upgrade raiden for his ubiltys like increse damge or increse time with blade mode.oh and also when blade mode is not full but you still have some left they should let you cut the body part if its full or not full.but i did have a good time playing with the game.