Mercenary Kings just went live on July 22 via Steam Early Access. Game Informer's own Matt Helgeson, Tim Turi, Jeff Marchiafava and myself teamed up to try out some of the games' early stages.

The way the Early Access program works is developers release a prototype version of their game on Steam and players can offer feedback that will help the final product. Here's Tribute Games' statement from it's store page:

“It’s an earlier, not completed version of the game. It currently has 60 missions whereas the completed version of the game will have over 100! This version of the game still needs your feedback to get it in the best possible shape and it’s why we are releasing it now!”

Watch as we check out both the single-player mode and 4-player local co-op in the following video preview.

For more details on Mercenary Kings, check out our preview from E3.