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Mega Man 10 Blog Guidelines
  • Nostalgia..... YES.

    I've grown up with the Mega man series. It's very close to my heart. I had no idea Megaman 10 was going to be so great. Megaman 9 was awesome. great themes, awesome weapons, a nice difficulty level, and other stuff. but I think Megaman 10 is even... More
  • Blue Bomber Returns

    Mega Man is a timeless character and recognizable to just about every gamer out there. With his trademark blue and cyan color scheme and his trusty buster cannon Mega Man blast his way each and everytime through eight new master bots which Dr. Whily has... More

    Yes, it's true. I have finally beaten a Mega Man game for the first time in probably 15 years (last one I completed was Mega Man 3). Now, I must tell you all my tale. If you haven't played Mega Man, you're a loser. That being said, it's... More
  • WELL THEN!!!!

    Wow I suck at this game! Considering yourself a "hardcore gamer" on your first time through, is not a good idea. Especially if you're new to this series. If not, feel free to jump into the game with abandon and frustrate yourself to death... More
  • mega man

    i love the classic mega-man series More
  • mega man 10

    I'm not one of the super mega man players but it was really great still and super awesomeness More
  • Yeah!

    Woo Can't Wait To buy It! More
  • The Retro Gamer’s Dream Continues

    The tenth entry in the Blue Bomber’s classic series is packed with even more old-school goodness than its predecessor.

    ... More