Mega Man is a timeless character and recognizable to just about every gamer out there. With his trademark blue and cyan color scheme and his trusty buster cannon Mega Man blast his way each and everytime through eight new master bots which Dr. Whily has created for the sole purpose of destroying Mega Man and taking over the world.


This time is no different than the others, except Now there is a strange illness going around infecting robots and causing them to run wild and cause all sorts of chaos for human kind. This is your standard Mega Man game but with some new twist! For instance Proto Man joins the fight as a Playable Character from the start of the game, although he takes much more damage and is knocked back further than Mega Man is; although this is slightly made up for with the use of the Proto Shield and a stronger buster cannon that can be charged up, Proto Man can also perform a slide move which comes in handy.

Now the stages are very well laid out and present just as much challenge that any Harcore Mega Man fan would expect from the series. Which in this case I mean really freaking hard, this is changed with the addition of an easy mode which basicaly allows you the game to brease through the entire game in a few short hours without even having to use any health, energy, mystery tanks, or continues. As with all games though there will be some cheap deaths. Saving your game after each level is still intact with the addition of being able to save after each one of Dr. Whily's castle levels which was not present in Mega Man 9.

The Master bots in this installment seem to be a bit ridiculous, strike man for one hurls baseballs at you and is weak to Blade Mans triple blade attack, because as with most humans or robots we have a weakness of blades to the face, Pump man is also as ridiculous but mostly for the fact that he pumps himself in order to use his water shield which only makes it appear to you the player that he is gratifying himself.

Overall this is yet another fun yet frustrating addition to the Mega Man franchise, one that can be played over again using different characters. For a mere 800 Microsoft points I say this game is a must have for any fan of platforming, or and avid Mega Man fan such as myself.