Yes, it's true.  I have finally beaten a Mega Man game for the first time in probably 15 years (last one I completed was Mega Man 3).  Now, I must tell you all my tale.

If you haven't played Mega Man, you're a loser.  That being said, it's all about robots with special powers, and beating those robots so you can get their powers.  All we care about is the powers and using them to kick exponentially more butt.  Now in order to do that, you have to go through stages.  Difficult, annoying stages that can occasionally take forever to get through.  They are littered with baddies, pits, and, worst of all, these:

No, not the snowman or the ice blocks. I'm talking about the spikes.  I hate spikes, you hate spikes, we all hate spikes.  All, that is, except for Dr. Wily.  He apparently has a spike fetish.  And with as many as he has in his robot fortresses, he must've bought them wholesale.

Anyways, enough about spikes.  You go through the levels in a particular order, as the bosses have a weakness against the weapon of another robot master.  Continue through here until you get to Dr. Wily's castle, where you'll fight more, then eventually beat Dr. Wily about 30 times. 

There's not too much difference between this iteration of Mega Man and the others as far as gameplay.  It's just as challenging and just as anger-inducing, but winning gives you an awesome sense of accomplishment.  Dr. Wily's castle has the standard fighting everyone from the game again in one round, as well as some of the old bosses.  One cool thing is the first level, which requires you to fight 9 small machines - 3 at a time - with each machine having a power from a different Mega Man game.  I dunno... I thought that was kinda cool....

The one big change is the ability to play as Proto Man.  This was pretty cool and does add a little variety because of his differences.  He has more power in his shot (which he can charge), but he's more susceptible to damage.  When he jumps, he has a shield that protects from projectiles.  Also, he can slide, which helps you to get around the level much faster.  I'm currently playing it on easy mode with Proto Man, just to see what he's like.  Oh yeah, there's an easy mode which makes the game VERY easy.  The only times I've died are when I was stupid and fell in the same hole twice in a row.  GRRR....

If you love Mega Man, get this game.  If you've never played Mega Man, get this game.  If you don't really care for Mega Man, what the heck are you doing on a video game website, noob?  GO AWAY!