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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Has A Trailer And A Release Date

We learned about the existence of a new entry in the Medal of Honor series last month, and now we have a little bit more to go on.

The trailer for the game, which recently appeared on a Medal of Honor YouTube page, says the game will release on October 23. The trailer also seems to hint at more stealth focused gameplay with soldiers sneaking around at night, in the mud, and in the shadows. Check out the trailer below.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and people who pre-order will get a free upgrade to a limited edition.

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  • Sweet trailer.

  • Looks awesome, but that is a TERRIBLE name.

  • Seal Team 6! This looks really awesome just like the first

  • Ok. Double post time. How is everything going? Good? Great. Stop it. Stop what? Stop that. Take your fingers off the keyboard. No, no don't ask questions just do it. Are they off? Good. Take a good look at what you were typing. Is it thoughtful? Thought provoking? Or is it derogatory? Name calling? Dick comparing? There is no right way to post a comment. This IS the internet. But you can at least act like your above the age of 10. Unless your actually 10. Then... do what a 10 year old does... Don't they go to school?
  • lmao at horrendous trailer dialog. Seriously just making out about how the White Civilized soliders are beyond comprehension and understanding of their enemies- if that was the case afghanistan and iraq wouldnt been such a problem to get under control.

    Its funny man in stargate, military shows and even SCI FI games and shows the enemies if you notice hardly ever seen as being trained military like ours, tehy always are uncivilized because if we came across an enemy that was invading us from outer space and the aliens where organised and had their own tactics we would be buggered.

    Plenty of american soliders dont even see regular afgan or iraqi civilins as human if they did they wouldnt humiliate them in prisons and piss on their dead bodies, plant weapons to cover up pointless killing. Plus if taliban and insurgents where as terrified of the west as the dialog makes out they wouldnt be such a problem for the soliders.

    I would love to hope this game would actually break the western military fictional genre but it probably wont and just be another thing showing how awesome we are and how evil, savage and inhuman the otherside is.
  • I wonder sometimes if I am one of the only people that thoroughly enjoyed the last Medal of Honor. The online was meh, but the campaign, imo, was amazing and realistic, even though it was short.

  • am i the only one who saw cpt. price in there?

  • Eh. Good thing its not releasing anytime soon. Would like to see more

  • Meh, I'm more interested in Ubisoft's offerings this year than EA's.

  • This game looks pretty sweet.

  • Gonna stay away from this one for a while. The first one was just too much of a disappointment.

  • And when they say that pre-orders get the limited edition, they mean the all so elusive limited edition that is sold at EVERY store, in a generous amount. Yeah, I'll just wait to see how it's received

  • The downside to using Frostbite 2 for everything now is that all the games are going to look like Battlefield 3. This game looks exactly like BF3 graphics wise.

  • Looks great. I'm sure I'll be picking it up when it releases.

  • I was hoping for more out of the trailer. As Medal of Honor the latest boot up had a amazing campaign in my opinion and I hope that Danger Close can stick to my words when I say they are really well at making you love a group of guys and then of course the EXPLOSIONS! hahaha:)

  • Looks much better than COD, but will it be better?

  • Please oh please be different from CoD and Battlefield.

    Heck, just try combining the two. A million CoD fanboys would buy it if it was CoD with destructible environments. Purely from a sales PoV though.

    Do something radically different.

  • Just goes to show, a cool trailer can assuage all doubts about a game. Buying it, as if I wasn't before.

  • The last Medal of Honor was pretty mediocre, so I'm definitely not gonna get my hopes too high. Military shooters are a dime a dozen these days, and with games like BioShock Infinite and Assassin's Creed III releasing around the same time, I'm not gonna waste a full sixty dollars on something that doesn't look like it'll be very different from the norm.