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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Has A Trailer And A Release Date

We learned about the existence of a new entry in the Medal of Honor series last month, and now we have a little bit more to go on.

The trailer for the game, which recently appeared on a Medal of Honor YouTube page, says the game will release on October 23. The trailer also seems to hint at more stealth focused gameplay with soldiers sneaking around at night, in the mud, and in the shadows. Check out the trailer below.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and people who pre-order will get a free upgrade to a limited edition.

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  • cool first!
  • I hope this game will be able to differentiate itself from COD and Battlefield. I think it might have a chance.
  • Fingers crossed I guess.

  • This looks awesome can't wait!
  • Well if this doesn't give something new to the FPS, than always have the Rainbow 6 to look forward too. But lets hope this is good, since single player is being worked by separate company than the multi-player, so i have high hopes.
  • The one that came out 2 Octobers ago, I think it was, was pretty decent.
  • Looks gorgeous, but if it's anything like its predecessor, I'd stay away
  • meh, i'll give it a try.
  • D:... PRETTY!

  • Looks very similar to Battlefield 3 and loved the Battlefield 3 campaign and multiplayer so I know this one will be great too.Goodbye Black Ops 2 or whatever they are going to call it.
  • Lets hope the MP portion lives up but I will admit MoH campaign was truly amazing and an emotional experience.

    EDIT:Not developed by DICE
  • Sweet, looks pretty intense...something to keep me eye on for October besides Bioshock Infinite :). Hopefully they will still continue with a strong single player campaign and not destroy the tone of the first (and for the love of god...stay away from QTEs!). With all the competitive multiplayer FPS games out there we seriously don't need another, so if it goes that direction....count me out.
  • Where's ThisFreakinGuy?
  • Looks surprisingly good, Hopefully it revives the feelings i used to have when playing the old school Medal Of Honor games. Those Feelings being... aggressively horny.
  • first off lets be honest to me it really looks like a bf3 clone, this game really dissapointed me in its last entry but i will give it a chance cause i see its focused on spec ops type attacks and i'm really feeling that.
  • I just hope they fix the mistakes from the first, overall this looks really good.

  • Wow, nice job trying to pass off cinematics as pieces of gameplay footage, EA. The game won't look a quarter as good as that. You can count on that. Other than that gripe, looks like every other military FPS, which means boring.
  • I highly disliked the first one, but the MP was at least fun and single player had a few cool ideas. Hopefully this one has more support and polish behind it, and hopefully a campaign that isn't linear and 3 hours long.
  • wow, this game already has my 60 bucks.
  • So tired of all these middle east shooters. No not gonna get it
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