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  • Blog Post: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review- As generic as its title implies

    After the stellar success of Medal of Honor: Frontline and Allied Assault, the series went on a downward spiral. There were some decent titles, but overall it never achieved the greatness it used to have. With games like Battlefield and Call of Duty moving from WWII to the modern age, EA decided to reboot... More
  • Blog Post: [Xbox 360 Review] Medal of Honor: Warfighter - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    M edal of Honor: Warfighter is a complete disappointment. Not a very flattering way to start a review, huh? I just wanted to state the truth that I wish I had been told leading up to this game’s October 23, 2012 release. Instead of flashy Photoshopped trailers of shaky-cam multiplayer footage ... More
  • Blog Post: Medal Of Honor Fights Back GI puts it down Harshly

    I totally disagree with GI on the rating they have given To MoH Warfighter giving it a terrible score even worst than the first one. There a re a couple of things that may be bothersome in the game such as the Menu and the hit placement but to me that's about it Compared to the previous MoH Warfighter... More
  • Blog Post: An Underrated Warfighter.

    Like most of our troops who return home from a tour or two of defending our freedom, respect from everyday citizens is barely given. I worked for five years at a EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card distribution center in Downtown Brooklyn, New York and it hurt my heart to see our troops still in their... More
  • Blog Post: Meh

    It is a little better than what GI made it out to be, but I was greatly disapointed. I bought this for an more emotional experience, but it is just an addition to a huge crowd of underperforming shooters. More
  • Blog Post: G.I. strikes again

    would of received a 8 in my book due to the vast improvements to the first title that was released, however the massive patch goes to show how much lack of polish this title had on release. I agree with most of the review up above in terms of glitches and quality, which most where fixed with the patch... More
  • Blog Post: Supremely Underrated

    There are certainly some terrible reviews out there, this site included. If you've played the game and didn't like it, then that's fine. Although, I firmly believe that this game wasn't/isn't being given a fair chance. I noticed this months ago when GI was posting very little news... More
  • Blog Post: Great Game

    I will never understand how this game got a lower rating that the previous Medal of Honor game that was released. This one is so much better. Great game, terrible review. More
  • Blog Post: (Short) Medal of Honor Warfighter Review

    IGN giving this game a 4.0 rating is really pathetic, honestly. This game may not revolutionize it's genre but I does offer the player a lot of fun. The game is well-balanced and is easy to pick up and play. ...I guess that's not something they're interested in. The single player campaigns... More
  • Blog Post: Much to my amazement.

    Well, I knew this game wouldn't really live up to the expectations of some people. Everyone expected this game to be so much more and it's sad that it did fail on some levels of design. Overall I believe this game, even in the finished state that it is in, has the potential to be so much more... More
  • Blog Post: Warfighter: Underrated, but still Shines

    So, we've all read the GameInformer review. But is it really all that fair? First of all, let's start with Multiplayer. Now, I haven't had a terribly large amount of time in on this, but what I have played, it stands out from Call of Duty and Battlefield. The game allows you to play as several... More
  • Blog Post: Great single player makes up for bad multiplayer

    As a person who plays the single player part of a game first, I thought that MoH: Warfighter was rather good. I have no real complaints about the games single player. The story was just as good as any other modern FPS. I personally think that it was better than Battlefield 3. However, once I started... More
  • Blog Post: Ditch the "GI ZERO" and get with this HERO

    GameInformer has been so saturated with recent war titles and focuses mainly on multiplayer interactions, though this time they went single player. If you want a sweet online shooter then pick up this game and check out its game modes like Hotspot and others! GFX are better than cod and the fast paced... More
  • Blog Post: Let's Make This Easy

    This game. Is not good. More
  • Blog Post: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    Matt Bertz sure got it right on the money when he stated in his recent review post that Medal of Honor Warfighter should in fact be called Medal of Awful. For all of the things that it gets down pat (which, of course is obviously not very many), the far-from-classic MOH game only serves to further that... More
  • Blog Post: (a short)Medal of Honor Warfighter review

    I don't need to say much about this game, the story was kind of a letdown but what really saved this game for me was the multiplayer, yeah it has a few technical problems but if you appreciate the military you'll appreciate the multiplayer and the way danger close respects actual tier 1 operators... More
  • Blog Post: 2 Day opinion of Medal of Honor Warfighter

    I got the game for PC, after installing for an hour I was greeted with an installation error on account of the patch, so I had to reinstall taking another hour. After spending most of the 1st day trying to download the patch I decided to just play without it, "How bad could it really be?" I... More
  • Blog Post: Medal Of Disappointment

    After spending a good amount of time with both the Beta and the finished product, I can confidently say the beta seems more polished then the finished product. My first gripe is actually the graphics. While the cut scenes look fantastic, gameplay looks very disappointing. It's like it's not on... More
  • Blog Post: A Chance Wasted.

    I will come out right now and say it. If you plan on dropping 60 bucks for EA's newest Medal of Honor, don't waste your money, rather wait for the inevitable price drop. I've already played through the campaign only to be disappointed and left shaking my head. The multiplayer is stiff, full... More
  • Blog Post: Good but not good enough

    I like this game very much. I'm giving it this score because really, it is not that good unless you just happen to be like me. The controls are great, the customization is cool, and the concept of the different countries being a sub-class is very nice. The bad thing about it is that they got rid... More
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