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  • Blog Post: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review- As generic as its title implies

    After the stellar success of Medal of Honor: Frontline and Allied Assault, the series went on a downward spiral. There were some decent titles, but overall it never achieved the greatness it used to have. With games like Battlefield and Call of Duty moving from WWII to the modern age, EA decided to reboot... More
  • Blog Post: Medal Of Honor Fights Back GI puts it down Harshly

    I totally disagree with GI on the rating they have given To MoH Warfighter giving it a terrible score even worst than the first one. There a re a couple of things that may be bothersome in the game such as the Menu and the hit placement but to me that's about it Compared to the previous MoH Warfighter... More
  • Blog Post: Great Game

    I will never understand how this game got a lower rating that the previous Medal of Honor game that was released. This one is so much better. Great game, terrible review. More
  • Blog Post: Medal Of Disappointment

    After spending a good amount of time with both the Beta and the finished product, I can confidently say the beta seems more polished then the finished product. My first gripe is actually the graphics. While the cut scenes look fantastic, gameplay looks very disappointing. It's like it's not on... More
  • Blog Post: Another Underrated Shooter

    Many of the reviews for Medal of Honor: Warfighter have been way too harsh. It seems liike now a days if a game is not Call of Duty or Battlefield than it is hated on so bad. I went in to MoH:W expacting a typical military shooter and that is mostly what I got. One thing that really stands out on this... More
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