I was getting really excited for this game. It looked really good, and was so pumped to play it. I got it still hearing about the review thing, and the day  one patch. Still, I must say, this is pretty good. It's not brillant or original, but then again what shooters our original now these days? Anyways, MOH Warfighter is a pretty good game.

 The graphics are great. Everything in this game looks great. Controls are pretty good. Story is well the story. It's not amazing, and it's not entirely that bad. Music though is good. Can be pretty good. Thanks linkin park.

 If you're not the fan of story, then try the multiplayer. To tell you the truth, I'd didn't like the 1st one multiplayer, but I sure do like the 2nd's multiplayer. It's alot like most FPS shooter multiplayer, but I'd just had a blast playing it. Be warned though. There are a few glitches.

 Overall, I like Warfighter. In my opinion, better then the first. Does it have problems? Yes. Does it have some Glithches? Yes. Still, you should ask can they be fixed? YES. Give warfighter a try. Story night not be for everyone, but you should like the multiplayer. Anyways, I would give Medal of Honor: Warfighter a

8.5 out of 10