Like most of our troops who return home from a tour or two of defending our freedom, respect from everyday citizens is barely given. I worked for five years at a EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card distribution center in Downtown Brooklyn, New York and it hurt my heart to see our troops still in their regulation military fatigues come to my window to pick up a 'food stamp card' that I myself wasn't eligible for, even on unemployment because apparently I made too much money. You had to be extremely struggling and even then the system gave you the run around and made you jump through hoops to get a Medicaid/Food Stamp/Welfare card. Here are our troops, the most respectful of all my customers in the entire New York State (we saw over 700 people a day, everyday) asking for a hand out and it depressed me to think "Why should our troops suffer the same frustration that pushed so many U.S. citizens to come to my window and curse me out because of what they had to go through before they even stepped through our doors just to put food on the table and pay for a decent life?" I'd salute them every time, thanking them for their sacrifice with a smile and "Have a blessed day". It was the most depressing job I have ever worked at and I've done most jobs that most people wouldn't want to do. I never served my country in the way our soldiers do so I admire their fortitude in enduring the hardships that everyday citizens take for granted and I dare say that this game has been taken for granted by the gaming community. I'ts easy to be a clone instead of setting yourself apart from others in your class especially when everyone wants you to be a clone that will never get the recognition of the original. Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier tried to take it up a notch with tactical pacing instead of average run & gun gameplay but received lukewarm ratings. Black Ops 2 seems to be biting GR:FS' visual style but I doubt it will change anything else and risk losing it's fan base. Gamers became bored with WW2 style FPS games and Medal of Honor suffered for it. MOH try's to reconnect with its fan base after the success of Call of Duty and Battlefield by also venturing into the 'Modern Combat' arena. It is poorly received due to comparisons to it's competitors. Here is MOH again being dismissed for being a clone everyone wants but wont allow to have individuality. The storm that just hit our area, 'Sandy' made one campaign mission through the flooded Philippines even more prevalent to today's current events. Warfare doesn't get more 'modern' than that. Most gamers aren't impressed. I bought this game like most games I anticipate highly of, on day one. Played it, loved it, searched for the reviews and was blown away at how so many people hate this game. Bulletstorm garnered great reviews but its online component let me down and it was a far cry from a 'Gears of War' experience. Traded it. Rage garnered great reviews but texture pop-ups annoyed me and the 'Road Rage' matches didn't quite do it for me like Twisted Metal does. Traded it. Brink got lukewarm reviews but also let me down. Traded it. Matt Bertz gave Homefront a 7 out of 10 and though I enjoyed both single player and multiplayer campaigns in Homefont, Medal of Honor: Warfighter in my opinion blows it away. Like a nuclear bomb blew away Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Was it nuclear or atomic? Anyway you get my meaning.) Matt Bertz gave Warfighter a 5 out of 10, making it two points lower than Homefront. Is he serious? I enjoyed Medal of Honor 2010 and think Warfighter is a definite step in the right direction. I admit it had it's flaws like most new games do but I don't think it deserved so many bad reviews and I found a handful of reviewers who feel the same. A lot of gamers complain about glitches and technical issues but I guess I'm one of the lucky one's who hasn't suffered from so many issues as others did. When I see that a game garnered anything below a 6 out of 10 I assume that the game is almost unplayable for seasoned gamers. In layman's terms, the game should suck. In my opinion, this game rocks. Now a days I play COD just to play alongside friends who refuse to give the game a rest. They don't play anything else but COD, it's like a cult. I also love COD but I play so many other games that I tend to get bored after 500+ hours of the same maps and game modes. Now I play just to unlock trophies and achievements. I got Block Ops 2 Care Package already paid for and am so looking forward to it's release so I am in no way bashing COD. I'm an equal opportunity gamer but at the same time I think the gaming community is bashing MOH for not being as good as COD or BF. I was happily surprised to see Halo 4 (which I'll be picking up 'Legendary Edition' this coming Tuesday) got such a high score. Be that as it may I still think Warfighter got the short end of the stick and is being treated like an unwanted stepchild. If gamers enjoyed MOH 2010 then I'd say they just might enjoy if not love Warfighter. If gamers are still mesmerized by COD, then they should keep the blinders on because Warfighter isn't for them. I don't get paid to write my review so excuse me if I don't go into detail over what I like or don't like about this game, just know that I like it or dare say love it. Play it and come to your own conclusion.