IGN giving this game a 4.0 rating is really pathetic, honestly. This game may not revolutionize it's genre but I does offer the player a lot of fun. The game is well-balanced and is easy to pick up and play. ...I guess that's not something they're interested in. The single player campaigns are kind of dull, no real emotion is captured, but the story is really good. The cut-scenes are enjoyable. I really like "Preacher" and his comrades. I feel for his family. I see their pain. I like that about the story.

(Single player) The AI is dumb, which is something that throws it off. The enemy is attracted to the player far too often for my liking. Teammates don't take down their targets as well as they should, being elite soldiers and such...

The multi-player doesn't do anything extravagant; it doesn't need to; it's pretty solid. Yes, the hit-detection may be off slightly but that can be fixed. It's not broken. Not even slightly. The classes are enjoyable, balanced. The maps are not unforgettable. They're on par with CoD, in my opinion. They're not BF3 big, by any means, but it's also not that type of FPS. Fire teams is clearly the best thing about this game. Playing with a buddy never felt so cohesive.

The menus could be more streamlined. Navigating the menus is slow and clunky. Selecting your class and load outs is sometimes a pain, often sending you back to the MP menu. Battlefield's menus are no picnic, either. They're slightly worse than BF3's, in my honest opinion.



Balanced Multi-player

Story (How it's captured)



Kill-streak Rewards

Small Learning Curve




Short, linear missions

Bad Menu Layout


Overall: 8.3