Well, I knew this game wouldn't really live up to the expectations of some people. Everyone expected this game to be so much more and it's sad that it did fail on some levels of design. Overall I believe this game, even in the finished state that it is in, has the potential to be so much more. Single player is good. I do like how they humanize "Preacher". He is a "man" after all with family. But this review is more for the multiplayer. Fast paced, team-oriented objectives are what drive this game to be great. There are some hickups but considering that this game will only have a cult following, they will be overlooked. I love the weapon customization. Game types are fresh and entertaining. So maps have your usual choke points but it call for people to become strategic and find a way through!  So if you enjoy something fresh and new you will enjoy this game. If you enjoy the same old formula that has become stale and redundant, I would suggest that you stick to COD.