I will come out right now and say it. If you plan on dropping 60 bucks for EA's newest Medal of Honor, don't waste your money, rather wait for the inevitable price drop. I've already played through the campaign only to be disappointed and left shaking my head. The multiplayer is stiff, full of bugs, and the map design is simply a dis-service to fans of the series and competitive gaming. Overall, the game is just a huge chance wasted, resulting from what was most likely poor production decisions and an even worse agenda.

Perhaps he's trying to call for better decision making?

EA did some serious PR for it's 14th installment in the Medal of Honor franchise. From mini-documentary shorts about real Tier 1 operator training videos, to a full blown Linkin Park + MoH marriage music video that focused more on EA and Danger Close's game than the actual song. And at the end of the day, all of that money was, in my opinion, wasted. Now don't get me wrong, MoH: Warfighter is NOT a terrible game, it's just not a GOOD game, especially for all the hype EA poured into it. When your weapon models look like they've been designed using the Borderlands (not to knock Borderlands) graphics engine you know you have an issue. This is where the basis of my review comes from. Don't preach to us you're going to "revolutionize" the genre only to build your game off of the very stereotypes it strives to ignore.

The campaign for Medal of Honor Warfighter tries to be more than it achieves. Danger Close and EA marketed the game to be more than just a shooting experience. I specifically remember an interview where one of the developers discussed that the main goal of Warfighter was to hopefully make the player put down the controller and think about the message of the game. Again, don't get me wrong, the sacrifices and emotional tolls explored in the 4-5 hour campaign is nothing to joke about, but when the pretty CG cutscenes end, it's the same boring song and dance. That's another thing, EA's Frostbite2 ran so much better in Battlefield 3, I mean sooooo much better. If you observe the game closely, the level of things you can destroy is near minimal during gameplay, but juiced up during set-piece moments. I sat and emptied a clip and a half into a concrete barrier only to have one or two chunks pop off of it. It's only a minor grope, but at the same time, if a previous game running on the same engine had larger effect on gameplay than your more current game, you have issues.

The gameplay is muddy, and anyone who has been saturated in the FPS modern warfare shooters knows what I mean. Follow, duck, left trigger, right trigger, run, do it all again. There are a few on rails vehicle segments, but AGAIN we've all been there and done that. The only few editions that Warfighter adds is its peek and lean mechanic which almost is useless considering the enemy AI is again the typical, run out into the open without establishing a base of fire to keep your head down, dumb AI. It's just a shame for all the innovation that EA and Danger Close kept pushing out in previews, the final package seems to just be another reiteration of why the FPS market is getting too crowded. Another nice addition was the far-inbetween car chase segments, which felt campy at times, but defiantly changed things up a bit. It was like NFS meeting MoH. The breaching mechanic was fresh, at first. Than after the 4th breach I was like, "This really isn't necessary anymore." After a while I didn't care how I entered a room, it all ended the same way. In addition I noticed that the frame rate sometimes struggles with all the action going on, which is just another sign of poor execution in using the game's engine.

At least the cover didn't involve a soldier walking towards you...

I followed the Multiplayer Beta for Warfighter for a while, and I admit it was enjoyable, but I still found it extremely lackluster and too much of a Call of Duty wannabe, yes I said it. The maps are simply channels in which 4 to 6 players will clash together in a hail of gunfire, die, and repeat. The fireteam theme implemented here is a great idea on paper, but hardly works when spawning next to your partner means a quick death if your buddy is crouched in a corner, spawning you out in the open in an already crowded map. Your typical game modes make their appearances, as well as a modified "Rush" mode. Progression and upgrading is what you've come to expect and Warfighter does nothing new to change up the formula. Oh, and the whole "fight for your country" deal that EA also spewed about is relatively ineffective. You don't care you what country you'll fight for, you just want the class mold that fits your gameplay style. A more effective way to produce patriotism in your gameplay would've been to have a set number of classes for a number of countries, using nationally "domestic" weapons. For instance, an assault class, support, and sniper class for USA, UK, Germany etc. This way, players don't need to be constantly flip flopping their "warfighter's" nationality in order to pick the best soldier loadout for what the map calls for. Instead, you get Germany being the heavy gunner class, the USA being an all around class, Korea is left to a sniper class etc. Overall it's just poor execution on what should've been great ideas.

Fight for your country? Or just your class?

Medal of Honor Warfighter is not a terrible game. If you're used to the same formula with fancy good cutscenes, than by all means get this game. You're getting what that name suggests, nothing more than just gun-play disguised by fancy advertising and PR. Me? I'm not really into the genre anymore, and if you ask me why, games like Warfighter are exactly why. What makes me so disappointed in EA and Danger Close is they pushed this game to be fresh, new, innovative, fun, and a rich-deep experience that will hopefully weigh in on the player's conscious. Instead, they pushed their game out to compete with Call of Duty, which will never happen. So just stay inside your borders and make YOUR game better, not a better mirror. The result, a 200mb day-one patch to fix literally all aspects of the bug riddled game. Yup, that should say enough about this unnecessary tour back through stomped-to-the-ground territory. Warfighter has proven to be nothing than an empty magazine when you really were counting on the bullets.

6 out of 10.