Ever since the announcement that the story for Medal of Honor Warfighter would be a direct sequel, I have been chomping at the bit to follow the continuing exploits of the surviving members of the Tier 1 operating unit AFO Neptune. However, the multiplayer from the original left me unexcited for any major multiplayer enhancements in the newest installment. Poor spawn points and trying to play Battlefield-esque multiplayer on small maps does not make for successful multiplayer in my opinion. While the beta version of the multiplayer had been interesting, it still seemed to suffer from similar issues.

Single Player Campaign
Clocking in at just over five hours on normal difficulty, my single player experience came nowhere near the EA-promised 10 hour epic campaign. Perhaps they stuck the controller in the hands of EA CEO John Riccitiello (who does not seem like an FPS player) and timed his single player run. Regardless, while just a little longer than a Call of Duty campaign, this shooter offers plenty of interesting story twists and exciting missions. Unfortunately, it also offers some absolutely terrible ones.

So, bad news first: Warfighter presents the player with 13 missions in which to tell a story of thwarting international terrorism, unfortunately I look at three of these missions as absolutely useless. Yes, useless. Unless you are purchasing this game to be a first person driving simulator, two missions will be absolute torture as you try and race through city streets to evade a security team or to stop an assassin. Both are difficult and become very frustrating after a few tries. One other mission seems to be entered into the storyline just because they could. Centering on a well-known Navy SEAL action, EA succeeded in cheapening my views on that specific action. Not to give it away, but the mission lasts a matter f a couple of minutes and contributes absolutely nothing to the plot or character development. It simply didn't sit well with me.

Aside from those items above, I found the story for Warfighter to be very down-to-earth and not over the top like most of the FPS titles today. Whether this is due to the actual operators writing the story as EA claims or not, I don't know. What I know is that the events that take place as the story reaches a climax shocked me. Centering around Tier 1 operator "Preacher", the story becomes very touching and has some terribly heartbreaking moments, showing the familial struggles these soldiers face. Unlike the rather odd ending from the first title, cutting from heartfelt ending to hard rock song this ending is extremely gratifying, even if the experience itself was short-lived.

I jumped into a couple of multiplayer matches and experience most of what I expected from a sister-title to Battlefield. As a FPS player who was home-schooled in the world of Call of Duty, I struggle with the user interface of EA's multiplayer FPS titles. The steps one must go through to customize appearance and load-out seem almost silly to me. However, the inclusion of the multi-nation concept is a welcome one, offering more than just the usual American Forces versus an OpFor of some kind. Load-outs, weapons and kill-streaks remain with little innovation (not that this makes the title bad, it simply does not add to it).

The multiplayer is not terrible or principally broken but it does feel somewhat rushed, much like its predecessor. While I definitely won't be investing much time in this aspect of the game, I am sure it will appeal to some who will fall in love with the fast-paced, yet tactical, combat.

Graphics and Audio
Similar to Battlefield 3, Warfighter gives the player the option of installing a 1.7Gb-eating graphics enhancement package. While it takes up a lot of space, I would strongly recommend using it. Most of the in-game graphics appear quite nice and polished, similar to Battlefield 3. Unfortunately, some of the faces in the cut scenes look a little cartoonish, almost as if they were pulled out of Borderlands 2. But this is not always the case, just in certain cut scenes. This is not an entirely eye-drawing or distracting issue, but it is present. I did notice that I had to drag the brightness setting nearly to the top during a couple of missions that were meant to be dark, but were just too dark to the point where I could see nothing. However, this may have been a television issue rather than a game issue, I am not certain.

The soundtrack for Warfighter has some amazing tunes in it, adding to the overall experience of the game. Most of the weapon sounds are fairly authentic, though the shotguns did not sound entirely right to my ears.


While I am only giving the game a 7.5/10 one should not take that as a reason not to play the game. If you like a solid down to earth shooter with a good story attached to it, this one is definitely worth at least a rent, if not a buy when it hits the bargain shelves. If you love the Battlefield 3 and original Medal of Honor multiplayer, this may be worth an immediate purchase for you.