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Medal of Honor Blog Guidelines
  • Very generic war-themed shooter and way overpriced at the time of it's release

    I didn't buy this game,but someone I know did,they paid 89 Australian dollars for it,I borrowed it from them just to earn trophies and even though it's single player is only 5 hours or so long,it felt much longer because it was so boring. When... More
  • Such a generic FPS and was way overpriced at the time of it's release

    I'm glad I didn't buy this game,but someone I know did and I borrowed it from them just so I could earn some trophies but even though this game is quite short,a play through of it felt like a long time because it's so boring. It's gameplay... More
  • A Dishonorable Discharge

    Medal of Honor was a big deal back during the Playstation One era. It was what Call of Duty is today, and helped inspire hundreds if not thousands of WWII centered games. EA wanted to reboot the series in the modern era though, and went with a series... More
  • A lackluster shooter with nothing new to offer

    Medal of Honor is a 2010 reboot of the longtime first person shooter series and game of the same name made in 1999, one that started on the Playstation and made World War II games cool before they were overdone by countless imitators and games set in... More
  • Medal of honor+modern times= good shooter

    I took a chance with Medal of Honor. In some ways, I it's good, but some ways it doesn't. Still, Medal of honor is a good shooter that even though it's not amazing, it still pretty fun. Graphics are descent. It has moments, but they can be... More
  • Emotional Appeal Meets Subpar Gameplay

    As Medal of Honor departs from its roots of World War II it shifts the tone and mood for the entire game. After watching the “Leave A Message” trailer the summer before the game’s release it was instantly on my radar. A good game invokes... More
  • Completely Worthless

    Why did I give this game a 1? Because I can't even play it!!! I play console FPS games with lefty sticks. How this game got released in this day and age without even having this option, let alone a fully mappable controller is beyond poor. I'll... More
  • Medal of Honor a decent war FPS

    From what I played of this game, its pretty good. The controls are basic, that of every modern shooter. The graphics are stunning, as well. At first, I though it was going to be much like CoD, which really it isn't. It's not as linear as most... More
  • medal 7.50

    I have played the game and it satisfies me although it is really dramatic so it has you thinking what going to happen next who's going to die next the whole time your playing.But if you have playstation network its a whole diffrent battle. More
  • Definitely worth checking out

    Regardless of how addicted or committed to the "call of duty" franchise you are, this game is definitely something worth checking out. When I first started playing this game I was like uhhhh another military first-person shooter, and that's... More
  • Was it Worth the Wait?

    Medal of Honor is good but not as good as it was expected to be. The game definitely has its strong points, but lacks in to many other ways. Presentation: The graphics seem very inconsistent. The background environments look absolutely gorgeous from afar... More
  • Game Over... continue? Medal of Honor

    Here's a riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg? While this causality conundrum has perplexed philosophers for centuries, we gamers have a similar question... of the brilliant World War II shooters which came first, Medal of Honor or Call... More
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