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Completely Worthless

Why did I give this game a 1?  Because I can't even play it!!!

I play console FPS games with lefty sticks.  How this game got released in this day and age without even having this option, let alone a fully mappable controller is beyond poor.  I'll never even consider buying another game with Danger Close's name attached to it, and I consider this a blemish on both EA and DICE's reputations.

  • How does it make it unplayable because you have an alternative control type no different that southpaw or even an obscure layout? Unlike, say, scissors a gamepad has no elements that are inherently left or right oriented. The logic there would be that you can't play half your controller even though there isn't anything particularly special about that set up. A 1.0 review of an entire game is meaningless when the criteria is apparently does it have my alternative game setup. Was that 90% of your review? Was the remaining 1.0 point a concession based on an assumption that your ludicrous metric is inherently unfair and bizarre and every other part of your metric should be assumed perfect when not even considered? I'm not knocking a small point about this exclusion that harmed you ability to play, but it shouldn't over ride the entire metric.