From what I played of this game, its  pretty good. The controls are basic, that of every modern shooter.

The graphics are stunning, as well. At first, I though it was going to be much like CoD, which really it isn't. It's not as linear as most common FPS games, and the action in it is fluid and fun. The weapons all look great, and very detailed.

The multiplayer was some what enjoyable, often a bit laggy. At times it felt like a battlefield game mixed with the action of MW2 (wonder why...) which was ok, kept the action going. There are a few glitches though, I have often gotten stuck on objects or similar happenings. Sniping was fun, as well putting someone down with my M4 fury.

The campaign was short, however. And some parts were often dull, but not too much so where it lost my interest. Its a good game all around, just not that great, and the replay value is somewhat low, minus the multiplayer.