Regardless of how addicted or committed to the "call of duty" franchise you are, this game is definitely something worth checking out. When I first started playing this game I was like uhhhh another military first-person shooter, and that's exactly what it is. In my own personal opinion this game does not bring anything new to the table when it comes to first person shooters. Get a mission objective, shoot some guys and throw some grenades,yell out some military jargon here and there, save your fellow soldier and of course listen to the brass **** and moan.

What I really enjoy about this game was the storyline, while I played it I felt heroic and part of the story. something unfortunately "call duty black ops" do not make me feel. And of course the ending was just icing on the cake.

It plays just like any other first-person shooter now and days you use the right trigger to shoot, the left trigger to aim, the Y button to change weapons, so on and so forth. The game is a little glitchy though,every now and then you'll see a player's foot go through the map or an enemy just fly across the screen like a rag doll at random. The weapons felt authentic, and the music was just amazing. I think that's one of the big pluses of this game was the musical score. I did feel however that the game was a bit short, I wish I was a little longer. and being a service member myself I love how they put the little tribute at the end of the game to all the soldiers out there. Controversy aside that was a good call.

The multiplayer was okay it definitely is not up there with call of duty, Halo, and these other big-name multiplayer games out there. But it's definitely something you should check out.