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MechWarrior Tactics

Get Your First Look At MechWarrior Tactics

Infinite Game Publishing has released the first batch of screenshots for its mech-packed turn-based strategy game.

Developed in tandem by Roadhouse Interactive and Acronym Games, MechWarrior Tactics fast forwards to the year 3025, where mercenary armies are duking it out over, well, does it really matter? We're talking about BattleMech on BattleMech violence, and that's all you need to know. This free-to-play game is all about collecting resources and customizing your mechs for deployment in asynchronous battles. We don't know much about the strategy game thus far, but the official website says it features online leaderboards and a unique cinematic replay feature.

Look for more information about this latest BattleTech game to come out of the Game Developers Conference next week. 

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  • This may bring me a lot of hate and nasty comments, but I hope this gets a console port of some form.
  • WoW that looks great! I wonder if this is like MegaMek?

  • man now i got to go buy an alienware.
  • Looking at the overlay on the 4th image makes me think this game is going to be similar to MechCommander. I like RTSs so this is good for me but a large chunk of gamers probably wont care for it.

    I also really like the color pallet, stands out from the traditional MechWarrior games.
  • This looks fantastic! Like the old board game!

  • I will try anything turn based. In my opinion, it's way better than real time.
  • Free-to-play, too? That just turned this into an immediate download, for sure.

  • This game looked aweful but its starting to grow on me.

  • Wow. This game is looking better and better every time I hear new news on it. The levels look really detailed. Nice.

  • Game looks pretty neat. Not really interested however. If it was ported to xbox I might pick it up down the road.
  • That actually looks really cool......kinda reminds me of Front Mission on PS1

  • It's good to see a hex base overlay on the 4th image - leads me to think it will be more like the original board game. Whilst Mech Commander was okay I never thought it lived up to the complexity of the original game - this looks like it may do so. Good to see the BattleTech universe getting these revistitations (both MWOL and this) - one thing FASA always did right was building a universe and putting the mechanics in context of that universe.
  • Mod

    looking good. looking good

  • Consider me interested. Looks nice. Turn-based with tiles... Hmm. Need to see gameplay. I could use a spin-off chess game.
  • I see in the comments that people are calling this an RTS... RTS stands for real time strategy. This is a turn based strategy. Its a big difference.
  • I simply can not play turn based strategy games...even Final Fantasy bores me to tears. This game will get a pass in favor of MechWarrior Online.
  • In this day and age, I always find myself disappointed when screen shots are released instead of a gameplay video.
  • got mixed feeling bout this 1

  • Looks gr8, I hope it plays like it looks...