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MechWarrior Online New Death's Knell Trailer Shows The Power Of Lasers

To celebrate a new patch going live that adds a great deal of new content along with the "all systems nominal" start-up sequence with b*tching Betty - it just wouldn't be enough to tell you about it, you need to see it.

To showcase this, the video below features gameplay footage that tests how far you can take lasers in intense mech battles.

Enticed? For more information on this real-time, free-to-play game, check out the site

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  • Laser - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. I learnt that in class the other day. Just thought I'd share this...
  • Man I wish I had a good PC right now. It's been ages since I've played any Mechwarrior game.
  • meh. I played this and Hawken. I will say for me, Hawken is more fun.
  • Very interesting. Much like the originals.

  • Reactor, online.

    Sensors, online.

    Weapons, online.


  • I've got an account set up but I honestly need like a day to get myself reaquainted. It's going to be humbling, considering I mastered Mech Warrior 3's SP at around age 8-9.

  • I used to love this game; even collected some of the wargame books and scale models. MechWarrior Merc was the best in the series. You could pick your jobs, call in air support, and several other features that were new to videogames at the time. Definately giving this a chance.
  • Mod
    I am impressed, the fact that it's in beta, free and full of originality makes this look top notch! Definitely going to download and give it a try! I loved mechs as a kid, watching anime featuring mechs, building mech models and playing the ok mech games of the early 2000's. Really hope this kicks off well!
    EDIT: Ok so I gave it a test run and I absolutely love it! It feels like I'm actually piloting a real Mech!!! The terrain and maps are huge battlefields! I' still have a lot to learn and train with, mostly the movement is my issue >..
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  • looks like a blast