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Prepare For War With New MechWarrior Online Teaser Trailer

Piranha Games will be showing off its online MechWarrior title at next week's Game Developers Conference, but you can get an early look at it in this teaser trailer.

We still don't have a lot of details regarding what MechWarrior Online's action will entail (other than blowing up other mechs in your giant robosuit, of course), but we do know the game will be free to play, and feature a real-time game clock, meaning one in-game day will take one day in the real world. Players will also control their own mech, and can team up with in-game factions, create your own mercenary group, or just go around blowing stuff up at your leisure. You can also reserve your pilot name by registering at the game's website right now. Here's the trailer.

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  • Sweet its looking great! I sooo want to play this. Also anyone else see the Hula girl there LOL

  • I wonder if it is anything like the Mech Assault games that came out last-gen. I used to play those games all the time.
  • Giant robots will never go out of style.
  • My childhood lives and breathes again!

  • Mod
    Is it still going to be free?
  • Very few things are cooler then giant robots.

  • Kewl

  • It's Gonna be great. Even better that it's cockpit view.

  • Ah yes, this would be nice... The last MechWarrior title I've played was MechWarrior 3... Then I switched to Mech Assault... ;-)

  • SO great,cant wait for this!Looking forward to more info.

  • SO great,cant wait for this!Looking forward to more info.

  • Good looking trailer, I liked the music; if this pan's out well enough I might actually play it. I have alot of fond memories of Mechwarrior 2 and it's expansion.

  • Reign of Thunder > MechWarrior
  • nice. i think i will check this out

  • I have a eeling this iis a lot more cool than the actul gME WILL BE.

  • This is looking great, nothing better then a good Sci Fi title and some massive kick a$$ robots. I would like to see some real game footage to see the how great CryEngine 3 is turning out for this game.

  • As long as its still the same basic game, this is going to be incredible.

  • Im in!

  • Mass Effect 3 Atlas < MechWarrior Atlas.  

  • I will wait to see some actual gameplay footage before I even start forming an opinion, though I admit I am excited for the possibility. I hope it's like MW3.
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