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  • Blog Post: More On Max Payne 3's Multiplayer

    It's always interesting when a franchise known for its single-player tries its hand at multiplayer, and this latest video for Max Payne 3 explains more about this aspect of the game. The video below talks about the story-based Gang Wars multiplayer mode where events from the single-player story are...
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Releases Max Payne 3's First PC Screens

    PC gamers have to wait a few extra weeks to play Max Payne 3, but it looks like their patience will pay off. The first images from the PC version of Rockstar's gritty action game showcase amazing visuals. While Max Payne 3 on console is slated for May 15, the PC version is coming out slightly later...
  • Blog Post: Fistfuls Of New Max Payne 3 Screens

    Back when the original Max Payne came out in 2001, dual wielding was a big deal. These new screens illustrate that Max hasn't forgotten where he came from. Apart from Max's ability to mix and match single-handed weapons – including those of different sizes like pistols and sub-machine guns...
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