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Boring as Sh1t?

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  • Did anyone else find this game unbelievably boring by the end of it? Originally I had a lot of fun blasting away guys and jumping around like a mad man. By the graveyard scene however, I was ready for the game to end. It had become painfully obvious that nothing in the game was going to change except for the amount of armor the enemies you were facing were going to wear. What had began as one hell of a shoot em up ended up (for me at least) being a tedious exercise of getting the most headshots in slow motion as possible. I was happy with the ending and I would have been happier if I didn't have to kill over 1000 men to get there. 

  • Man, I am only chapter 12 and I ain't getting that at all... The storyline is interesting enough to keep me happy I guess.  I am easily amused!

  • Just finished the game last night. I actually agree. Every level seemed to be the exact same. Jump in slow motion off something and shoot some guys, shoot 25 more guys, shoot some sort of flying object in slow motion, shoot 25 more guys, next chapter.

    The story was alright, the game looked amazing. But I definitely did just get bored of doing the same thing over and over again while completely exterminating everyone in Brazil. Plus the constant debbie downer narration made me want to jump Max off the top of buildings just to end his life so I wouldn't have to hear any more of him.

    I really can't understand how this game got such a high ranking.

  • I don't know if I really got bored with the game so much as I got frustrated with it.  A game with this much potential disappoints that much more when it forces you into such a tiny little box.  There's no stealth, no exploration, no variety whatsoever.  What it does, it does very well, I'll give it that but for GI to give this a 9.25 along with all the other rave reviews?....man I don't know about that.  MAYBE if Rockstar had taken a few cues from the Uncharted series, hint hint, on how to implement more into the game besides hide for cover/shoot everyone/watch cutscene, this game may have deserved the high praise it got.  Looking pretty only has so many advantages, take Christina Aguilera for example. lol

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