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Max Payne 3

Max Payne Dusts Off Bullet Time In New Trailer

Max Payne may look a fat, bald shell of his former self, but dude still knows how to wield a gun. 

When Max finds himself severely outnumbered in a gunfight, the best way to even the odds is to trigger his signature bullet time effect, which slows down the action enough to allow players to line up exacting headshots or to dispatch several enemies at once. As this video demonstrates, the extra baggage Max is carrying doesn't stop him for executing stunning choreographed kill shots. The video also details his "shoot dodge" ability and the new "final killcams" that players can speed up or slow down to watch the lead ballet. Watch for yourself here:

Max Payne 3 is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 on May 15, and PC on May 29.

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  • second
  • Want.
  • This might be the first trailer I've seen where I actually want to play this game.
  • Max looks like he evolved from being a dope Johnny Knoxville to a John Mclane with a beard and on steroids. Dumb jokes aside, gameplay looks truly evolved from the earlier entries of my favorite series of last generation. May 29 needs to hurry!
  • Alright, I wasn't even considering this game before, but the precision of that gunplay looks amazing. Also, glad to see a gameplay demo where the player doesn't suck, but I only saw one missed shot in the entire video. wtf?
  • not bad.

  • This game wasn't even on my radar before, and I've never even played Max Payne before, but this looks really impressive. I hope this doesn't make the game too easy, like in RDR. Speaking of Red Dead Redemption, is the narrator in this video the multiplayer narrator in RDR?
  • Looks great! I'm glad I reserved it..but I still have one awesome as it looks, I'm afraid it will get monotonous. guys have 3/1/2010 listed as the release date up top.
  • Oh, Bullet Time... how I love you. It looks so fluid!
  • God...

    most likely going to be the game of the year

    this is like if call of duty and red dead redemption had a baby and gave that baby a flamethrower!!!

  • I see a lot of amazing games coming out this year but I doubt any game will be as fun as Max Payne 3.
  • Cannot contain my excitement for this game
  • Cannot contain my excitement for this game

  • Wow!

    This just went to the top of my want list.

  • getting.this.

  • getting.this.

  • The bullet time tech is really going to help sell this game to fans who are new to the series ; are familiar with the game through the movie adaptations, just saying!

  • Loving how both the characters and environments look so reactive to the action.  Their physics heavy animation is truly revolutionary.  Bullet Time also seems to be that rewarding function for the skilled player too, as it is skill, precision and calculated risks that allow you to use it, obviously making it more than an easy 'I win' switch.  In that case its sort of like Bulletstorm, rewarding you for having fun with Max's abilities.

    Also, with Dan Houser and one of his Red Dead co-writers working on the story and script, the word 'cinematic' is going to apply to more than the flashy gunplay.  Red Dead was one of the best written games ever, so this duo makes this game one of my most hotly anticipated of the year, just behind Bioshock & ACIII!

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