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Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 Mini-30 Weapons Trailer

Boy do we wish we were posting a 30 second trailer that focused on the deadly Mini-30 rifle in Max Payne 3. Sometimes wishes do come true!

Below is a rapid-fire look at the Mini-30 rifle, a lightweight rifle that is deadly at long range and messy up close. Also, check out 360-degree renders and some new screens on Rockstar’s blog. Or check out the latest batch of PC screens here.

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  • This game keeps looking better and better. Rockstar never fails to deliver amazing games.
  • Mod
    I initially didn't like the look of MP3, but after seeing it in motion I'm a believer man. The gunplay looks spectacular.

    Edit: REeves is the man. No "firsties" on his watch!
  • There ain't nothing "mini" about that gun!
  • dang, can't wait to get my collector's edition! this looks so awesome!

  • never played a max payne game but i am highly interested in playing this!!!!!!

  • Still looking good.. Wasn't interested at first but after that first combat mechanics trailer, I'm ready to give it a shot. How about RDR II... Just sayin... I'd buy it.
  • I've had this game in my sights ever since I finished Max Payne 2. May 15, 2012 can't come soon enough.
  • Don't tell me this is a pre-order bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Haven't played any of the Max Payne games, but the trailers I have seen here and on Hulu are making me think that this game might just be amazing.

  • wow i look up, look down and get a bit more comfortable, then it's over.  

  • Sweet more MP3 videos to salivate at!

  • Nvm.
  • The way video game companies are now I expected it to say: "Yours when you Pre-Order Max Payne 3 Collectors Edition"  

  • OK does Payne have hair or not in this game?  Lord this looks FUUUNNNN!!!!!  200% better than that awful movie that is for sure!!!

  • Yummy! That rifle looks like a great companion for any depressed detective.

  • Weapons and bullet time = the closest max is ever getting to heaven

  • is that a sniper rifle or is that a tank

  • I'll be impressed when someone makes a mini-minigun.  Or a working death ray.

  • Its funny because I actually own this awesome rifle. Ruger makes some great stuff
  • Sexy, just plain sexy.

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