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Max Payne 3

New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Feature Hawaiian Shirts And Multiplayer

The latest batch of screenshots from Rockstar Games feature Max in a snazzy Hawaiian shirt.

You also get a chance to see what the multiplayer will look like. It looks a lot like the main game, but there are gamertags above everyone's head. Check out the gallery below.

May Payne 3 is set to release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on March 6 of this year.

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  • Also, gross naked lady tattoos.
  • It looks like the multiplayer mite be similar to Uncharted's multiplayer.

  • never played the 1st 2 so don't accualy care but 3rd.. it looks pretty tho i guess lol
  • I am a huge Max payne and Rockstar fan, but am I the only one that doesn't really feel like this is Max Payne? I know rockstar will make a good game, but I doubt it will REALLY be max Payne.
  • it looks ok....
  • Never got into the Max Payne series,but I know about it. Was multiplayer really necessary for this?

  • Don't ruin the game by splitting the dev time by introducing multiplayer. Nobody is going to make a dent in the multiplayer market with games like this, just focus on making a killer single player campaign.
  • This game's actually starting to look pretty good. Too bad I'll be playing Mass Effect 3.
  • Any chance we'll see a Max Payne Collection? If not I'll just buy MP3 and work my way backwards =)
  • I have faith in Rockstar's abilities, I just hope they don't screw things up by making the multiplayer bad like their previous titles.

  • Max is back baby!

  • I dont care if the multiplayer is bad and the community for it goes away after a while, as long as i get to slow-mo people to death, i'll be happy :)
  • Mod

    Hawaii 5 0

  • Hawaiian shirts? Sold!  

  • Dem' magic pictures sure are purrty!

  • The Graphics are really good!

  • Yes! Hawaiian shirts!
  • How is bullet time going to work in the multiplayer?
  • I want that shirt...

  • The multiplayer looks fun.

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