I loved this game! First off, the game offers many very challenging difficulties that, at times, pushed me to do my best. The combat was very smooth and realistic. For example, activating slow-mo with a dive to the side will result in max landing hard on his side, even depleting a small amount of health. Many games with slow-mo show the character do a ninja forward roll and are up on the their feet instantly after a dive like that. This felt a lot like playing a character who was a real person.
The gunplay was very entertaining. Max Payne 3 offers a nice variety in each level and at the same time emphasizes the conservation of your ammo. Textures and surfaces in the environment break and receive damage that looks well done.
The voice acting was very fine as well. Not just for Max Payne, our obvious main character, but for the other characters in the game as well. Max's dialogue was unpredictable and charming, in a very dark way as his horrible inner demons were clearly present.
The story itself was loads of fun. I enjoyed it every step of the way. Max is having a constant battle with himself and his alcohol/pill addiction. Experiencing this story made me feel like this is a real guy with real problems. Our main character felt human, and in turn relatable. I don't have a dead wife and daughter, but his situation as a whole was very understandable.
The replay value, for me, is very high. I played it on hard, then old school, then on a new york minute, and then one more time just for fun. Each time I had a blast and was also challenged. I give this a 10/10. Not many games can hold that type of rank, but this one more than deserves it.